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Junior High Genie

Logline: A preteen girl's life becomes increasingly complicated when she unleashes an adolescent, hard-to-manage genie, who can't leave until he grants her three wishes—and realizes he may not want to leave at all.

In the JUNIOR HIGH GENIE pilot, 11-year-old AVA discovers a mysterious bracelet in her mother’s thrift store and after she rubs a smudge off the large jewel, accidentally summons teenage genie, JAVED, who has been trapped inside since the 80s. Thinking he is a thief, Ava roundhouse kicks him in the head for the best and worst genie master introduction ever.

At first scared, but then excited, Ava isn’t sure how to keep Javed a secret from her mother or her two bffs. Unbeknownst to Javed or Ava, villainous genie, RAMIR, who made Javed a genie, sensed his reemergence into the world and tracked him down to the store, skulking from a distance.

During school the next day, Ava accidently wished ill will on her nemesis. Unwilling to use up one of her wishes on CRYSTAL, she convinced Javed not to grant it. Later, friends SAANVI and TYLER arrive unexpectedly at her house while Javed is out of the jewel and Ava is forced to confide in them. After their discussion of what she should wish for, Ava chooses to hold off making her wishes and they conspire to keep Javed and his identity a secret.

Ramir finds his minion, BAJI chilling on a beach and orders him to retrieve Javed before he tells his new master the three wishes rule is a lie. Baji reluctantly leaves paradise and appears in small town America outside of the antique store. Inside, he is focused on finding the bracelet but is unprepared for the revelation that Javed’s new master is a preteen girl.

As the series continues, Ava’s life becomes even more complicated than it was before when she only had to worry about Crystal besting her in science class or missing her father who has been away on an archaeological dig in Peru. Javed embraces life as a modern middle-school teen, but his magic puts the group of friends in fantastical, exciting, fun-filled situations, and close-calls they never imagined.

As Ava and Javed become closer, she worries about the repercussions of using up her three wishes, unaware that wishes are in fact, unlimited. Javed manages to keep the three wishes rule a secret hoping that as long as Ava refuses to make her wishes, he can enjoy being a teenager. Javed begins to wonder if his situation is reversible and if he could be human again. Baji is sympathetic, but also fears Ramir who seeks to hide Javed away for eternity.

A hilarious ride full of fun, friendship, and fantasy, JUNIOR HIGH GENIE has the elements needed to attract viewers of similar live-action magic infused shows such as Just Add Magic, Dwight In Shining Armor, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

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    Television Script
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    Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Kids
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Pursuing her calling to write for young audiences, Audrey Hackett completed an MFA in Children’s Literature and a mentorship with a professional script consultant. Her first TV pilot, JUNIOR HIGH GENIE, was a semifinalist in the 2020 Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Screenplay Competition, a top 50 quarterfinalist in the 2019 Write/LA Screenwriting Competition, and was endorsed by the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. Her tween dramedy, ZEPHYR HILLS, has also been endorsed by Kids First! and has received industry accolades. As a substitute teacher, Audrey draws inspiration from students’ antics, while moonlighting as a house cat minion and hoarder of plants.

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