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Junior is a 22-year-old guy who has a dysfunctional relationship with his family, as some of his behaviors, such as drinking, smoking marijuana and going out at night with his friends, are disapproved and cause a lot of annoyance, especially to his father Beto , a moody 50-year-old man with whom Junior shares a job collecting, buying and selling scrap on board an old truck. One morning, like many others before, Beto notes that Junior did not spend the night at home. He finds him asleep in the cab of the truck covered by empty beer bottles and completely outdated. After an argument, Marina, Beto's wife and Junior's mother, calms the mood, reminding them that the owner of the truck is her and that the condition for them to use it is that they must work together. Beto accepts the grumbling condition and Junior gets ready to go to work. Already on the road, they find a possible client with whom they come down to negotiate the purchase of a damaged washing machine. Junior offers a very low price but the man who needs the money ends up accepting the offer, while Beto looks at the business that his son has just done with disapproval. When Junior finishes raising the washing machine to the truck, he realizes that his father is giving more money to the man than the agreed one. He goes down furiously to claim in a threatening manner and Beto accuses him of being dishonest and of wanting to pay a much lower price to the just one. The man to hear this decides not to sell anything and Junior furious has to go back down, alone, the washing machine of the truck. Back on the road Junior and Beto start a heated discussion in which both are aired their sins and mistakes of the past, Junior blames Beto have left him as a child and mistreat his mother and Beto blames Junior have become a vicious, a thief, I've even ended up in jail. The fight goes out of control and Beto very angry, stops the vehicle in the dry and takes Junior violently out the window, knocking him to the ground. Junior, enraged, responds with a push and that makes the two begin to hit. Beto wins the fight, but continues insulting and provoking Junior, who, indignantly, pulls out a knife that he kept and stabs his father in the chest. When Beto falls to the ground, Junior realizes the seriousness of the fact that he has just committed and goes into despair, as he can get his father into the car and starts a race against time to take him to the hospital. Because of the speed with which he drives, he catches the attention of a couple of motorcycle policemen who force him to stop. The policeman seeing Junior full of punches and Beto stabbed asks for an explanation, but
Junior does not know what to answer. It is Beto who, almost without strength, lies to the police saying that they were victims of robbery and aggression. Junior tells the officers that they should get to a hospital quickly, the police decide to escort them.
At the entrance to the hospital, while Junior answers the questions of one of the policemen, Beto leaves in the company of the other, already bandaged and with an immobilized arm. The officer tells him that the knife was about to pierce his heart, that he is alive by a miracle and that he must rest, Junior and Beto get into the car, say goodbye to the officers and leave. On the way home, Junior with tears in his eyes tries to apologize to his dad, but Beto interrupts him and shows him a picture of the two when Junior was just a child and asks him if he remembers the day they took it, Junior with a smile says yes, Beto slaps him on the back and tells him to please clean the truck because tomorrow they must go back to work.

  • John Edicson Agudelo Suarez
    Productor, director y Guionista.
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    Student, Short Script
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Writer Biography - John Edicson Agudelo Suarez

Estudiante de cine y televisión de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, con más de 10 años de experiencia laboral en los sectores público y privado. En el año 2016 ganó con su proyecto “El camino a La Soledad” la beca de creación de cortometraje de ficción “INI” del ministerio de cultura. Con esta película concursó en más de 10 festivales a nivel internacional y nacional, obteniendo en el Festival internacional de cine de Santander el premio a mejor cortometraje de ficción. En el año 2017 ganó la beca de creación de la gobernación de Santander con su proyecto documental “Los juegos del río”. En ese mismo año dirigió la serie de televisión “Nuevos Caminos” producción argumental de 15 capítulos que habla sobre los efectos del conflicto armado de Colombia en los niños de la ruralidad. Ese mismo año también dirige la serie de televisión “Generación Z” para el canal TRO. En el 2018 codirige la serie de televisión “La loca Margarita” junto a Néstor Oliveros, para Canal Capital. Serie argumental que narra la vida de Margarita Villaquira en un contexto colombiano de inicios del siglo XX y todo el movimiento de inestabilidad política de este siglo en el país. En este año también gana el Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico, de la dirección de cinematografía del ministerio de cultura, en la categoría de Relatos regionales con su proyecto “Gilberto Cava” Que habla sobre la historia de un hombre que lleva 50 años cavando en el cañón del Chicamocha, buscando el cuerpo desaparecido de su mujer. Este proyecto se encuentra en etapa de Post Producción.

Clave: elcamino
Teaser corto
Clave: cavagilberto

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