Festival Internacional de Cine Joven Juna Kino (The International Film Festival for the Youth Juna Kino) is an exhibition platform that brings together, each year, short films, documentaries, reports and music videos made by children and teenagers from around the world. It's an independent cultural initiative conceived and developed by the Colectivo Paso Libre in Mexico, whose objective is to articulate cultural and artistic projects that directly affect the community.

Recognitions. (No cash prize)

1. Short films made by children and adolescents (17 years of age maximum with 11 months) may participate. Priority will be given to the work done in workshops.

2. The short films entered must be those finished between January 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

3. All registered works must be the original idea of ​​the production or have prior express written authorization in writing that authorize them to use the idea of ​​third parties.

4. The theme is free and you can use any technique, either: stop motion, digital animation in 2D or 3D, pixilation, etc. And any narrative genre, be it documentary or fiction.

5. The participants of the short film must be, in their majority (more than 50%), under 18 years of age. Since it is a festival for young artists.

6. Participants can register in three different categories:
• Animation
• Fiction
• Documentary film

7. Shorts films must last 15 minutes maximum.

8. You can participate individually or collectively, no matter the number of members, only 50% (or all) must be under 18 years.

9. Applicants may enter one or more short films per filmmaker or per team; completing a form for each work.

10. Who registers the work assumes that it is the owner of the economic rights of author, legal representative and / or owner thereof. Therefore, Juna Kino Festival disclaims any legal or civil liability that may arise from claims of third parties about the works or their content.

11. Materials that are in languages ​​other than Spanish must be subtitled and / or dubbed.

12. You must send 3 images of the short film for broadcast uses and 6 of the behind the scenes to the email: junakinofestival@gmail.com

13. The materials will be sent in MP4 format - Full HD (1920 × 1080) through the Vimeo platform. The chosen projects will be sent later by WeTransfer with the same format.

14. Materials will not be accepted physically or by any means other than the one mentioned in the rules of this call.

15. This call is open as of its publication until 23:59 hours on June 30, 2019.

16. Everything not covered in this will be resolved by the organizing committee, through the mail that is provided at the end of the call.