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Judge, Me.

Judge Rank spent his career being groomed for the supreme court. Less than seventy-two hours before taking the bench, he's celebrating in his courtroom.
Clarke Browne, a vengeful reporter aided remotely by a federal prosecutor, enters the courtroom. Cole Steele, a lawyer motivated to hold onto his law license, soon enters as well.
Browne's question to the judge stuns him. The judge is told he either answers questions now or reads about his sordid past in the morning. Desperate, the judge turns to Steele for advice and agrees to have a group of inmates in therapy help mediate with Browne.
The hearing discloses sex abuse, fraud and theft.
Judge Rank realizes he cannot control Browne, Steele or the inmates. He knows only power politics can save his career, so he threatens the governor who dispatches a retired United States senator to the courtroom.
The former senator speaks the same language as the prosecutor: politics that transcend the law.

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Before I was a criminal defense lawyer for 35 years, I grew up in the streets of St. Paul, spent my formative years in and out of juvenile and adult corrections facilities and had a serious drug habit.
I write about what I know.

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