Introducing Joy International Film Festival (JIFF), a new community event based in Taichung, Taiwan that celebrates positive cinema from around the world. JIFF aspires to be a place where young and old and alike can come to enjoy uplifting stories of the human spirit that highlight love, courage, compassion, and family, just to name a few examples.


We invite you to come and have fun with us on November 3, 2018 as we delight in new films from around the globe that will make us laugh, cry, hope, and cheer. Come and join us as we take a walk on the bright side.


Joy International Film Festival began as a simple collaboration between local Taichung film buffs and Fengyuan Senior High School. They were looking for a way to bring the community together through culturally rich entertainment that would also provide a platform for voices from around the globe. A film festival was the ideal vehicle for sharing the broad panorama of positive human experiences from all parts of the world that, not surprisingly, reveal how much we all have in common.

悅影國際影展(JIFF) 起源於台中在地的電影愛好者與豐原高中的跨界合作。這群人希望能透過豐富的文化呈現,帶領豐原當地的發展,同時提供一個讓世界各地人們能發聲的平台。舉辦影展是個理想的方式,讓創作者跟觀眾分享來自世界各地的人生觀和啟發人心的生命經驗,並且點出我們彼此的共同之處。

JIFF is pleased to announce the 2018 categories accepting submissions. Selected videos will receive certificates engraved “Joy International Film Festival.” Other prizes will be made available to filmmakers who attend the festival.


All films submitted should focus on positive themes to be eligible for consideration. Examples include: love, kindness, optimism, health, justice, perseverance, empathy—the list could go on and on. As this will be a community event for all to attend, we will not consider films with excessive violence, sex, or adult themes. We also discourage films that express strong political or religious affiliations.


2018 Categories 2018 類別
Drama 劇情
Comedy 喜劇
Documentary 紀錄片

2018 Awards 2018獎項
Best Dramatic Film 最佳劇情獎
Best Comedy 最佳喜劇獎
Best Documentary 最佳紀錄片
Filmmaker Award 最佳製作人
Audience Award 觀眾票選獎

We are accepting only short films this year. All films submitted must be no longer than 30 minutes to be eligible for consideration.


Best Dramatic Film 最佳劇情獎
Best Comedy 最佳喜劇獎
Best Documentary 最佳紀錄片
Filmmaker Award 最佳製作人
Audience Award 觀眾票選獎

We do not accept any films made before 2015.

We are accepting only short films this year. All films submitted must be no longer than 30 minutes to be eligible for consideration.

Non-Chinese/Taiwanese language films should have English subtitles if the dialogue is not in English. Chinese/Taiwanese films should have both Chinese and English subtitles.

To submit a film, you must have created the project yourself, own the rights or have permission from the owner of the content to submit the film to us. By submitting your film to JIFF, you warrant that you are authorized to commit the film for screening, and understand and accept these requirements and regulations.

One entry fee per category. The same film can be entered into one or more categories, but each category requires an entry fee. For payment structures, visit the FilmFreeway website. All fees are non-refundable.

JIFF is not responsible for broken or non-functioning films.

Films do not have to be screened publicly to be eligible for our festival, prizes, or awards.

JIFF is a competitive event and unless notified otherwise, all films officially selected are eligible for competition. Not all submissions received are selected for JIFF.

All genres and formats are considered eligible for nomination at one or more competitive categories.

JIFF reserves the right to refuse to screen any submission deemed to be inappropriate.
JIFF 影展保留拒絕播放含有不適當情節的參賽作品之權利。

By submitting your film, you agree that JIFF can use parts of your film (including trailer/teaser/film poster) for promotional purposes, e.g. broadcasting clips of the selected films on television, the internet or other media (segments totaling three minutes or less). It also reserves the right for the use of stills in the festival program, catalogue, website, and other publicity materials.
一經投稿,參展者已同意JIFF影展使用作品(包含預告片/宣傳短片/電影海報)用以宣傳,例如在電視媒體、網路或其他媒體上播放獲選影片片段 (約三分鐘或更短)。JIFF影展同樣擁有使用作品劇照之權利,將用於影展手冊、目錄、網站、及其他公開宣傳資料。

All submission applications, disposable media and press kits submitted become property of JIFF and will not be returned.

Festival times may be subject to delay or change.

Overall Rating
  • 若尘 王

    I am very glad to receive the award at the joy international film festival in Taiwan. joy international film festival is a very beautiful film festival, no matter professional communication or warm reception, let me linger. This trip to Taiwan has made me feel the beauty, food and beauty of the island. I really want to make my next film here. Within hours of leaving Taiwan, I had already begun to miss the place.

    November 2018
  • Antonio Maciocco

    It was an honor for "Achentannos" to be selected by the Joy International Film Festival and to win two awards "Best Comedy" and "Audience Award". It was wonderful. Joy International FIlm festival has shown in its first edition great quality both for the program and for the organization. Thanks to the judges and the staff!

    November 2018
  • Danwen Lei

    It was an honor for "Gold Fortune" to be selected by the 1st Joy International Film Festival and to win the "Best Drama"! We missed the ceremony but still felt grateful. Thanks to the committee, the judges and the staff!

    November 2018