Jetho Kaji's 1 Week Tour

Jetho Kaji (Subarna) is a 12 year old boy, from Kathmandu, flees due to strictness of his parents. He decides to flee as he finds he often gets punished and his mother's rudeness. Last time he failed 5 of his subjects and forged his mother's signature to avoid punishment. Eventually, mother comes to know about the forging he gets punished. There he decides to flee and never come back but after a week tour he returns his home. He being a good story teller, convinces his family he didn't flee but became the victim of child trafficking, though he was not. He realizes its better to be with the family rather to be alone. His struggle for a week makes him understand, realize the part of his family.
In Nepal, the fiscal year 2016/17 shows 2,772 children were missing out of which 720 were found and 306 were reunited with their parents where as 2,052 children are still out of contact. The summary of an Officer of NCCR says, most of the children runs away due to their parent's strict behavior.

  • Subash Bahadur Bista
  • Subash Bahadur Bista
  • Kripa Thapa
  • Parth Koirala
    Key Cast
    "Jetho Kaji (Subarna Dhoj Thapa)"
  • Bhima Mainaly
    Key Cast
  • Sharada Giri
    Key Cast
    "Grand Mother"
  • Rajendra Kharel
    Key Cast
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Director - Subash Bahadur Bista