At a time where war is raging in South Sudan and children are being ripped from their homes to join the child militia, a young boy tries to protect his little brother, whom only has him to depend on. Surrounded by sickness and death, their village ultimately gets attacked and while he is able to escape, his little brother gets taken by the rebel army. After running until his legs can no longer carry him, AZZAN finds himself weak and unable to go on, face down in a deeply hidden forest, where he's approached by a woman. A beautiful woman who lives on the land and in the caves on her own. Her name is Lilith. She brings him in and nurses him back to health, sharing myths and stories and alternative recounts of biblical tales from different religions. Full of fantasy and adventure. Although Azzan begins to develop a relationship with Lilith after some time, he knows he must go back for his little brother, KHALI. Lilith, however, has grown too attached to Azzan, and can't bring herself to let him go, as we learn who she really is. She is Lilith, the original wife of God. Our mother of Nature. Two halves of a whole entity, torn away and sent down to be the submissive wife of Adam. After refusing to bow down to her own creation, God banished Lilith from eden to the mountains and forests where she can take refuge among that which she created. As revenge, Lilith slept with Lucifer and bore 100 demonic children a day, until God eventually vowed to kill every child born of her blood. Now, with Azzan in her care, she's found family, love and acceptance. Someone she can be god to, and she can't just let him go.

Lilitu follows the journey of a young boy in a war torn country as he tries to fight his way through armed soldiers, wild animals, and once thought mythological demons in an attempt to save his little brother two years after he was recruited into a child militia. He'll be faced with blurred lines of reality and biblical fantasy as he finds an enemy in his "mother" while trying to rescue a brother who may not even remember who he is.

  • Jazmin Lee
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    fantasy, drama
  • Country of Origin:
    South Sudan
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Jazmin Lee
Writer Biography - Jazmin Lee

Throughout her negative high school experience filled with bad company, bullying and nearly dropping out all together, Jazmin eventually found, in her senior year, a love for film during a cinema studies class. Her class was being shown "The Immigrant" by Charlie Chaplin. With that film and so many others shown in that class, she fell in love with the impact of visual story telling through the ages. She continued to study and experiment and began working in and with youth film making programs through The TriBeCa Film Institute. Always being drawn to writing and expression through word, she consistently finds herself creating stories with simple glimpses of the world around her, whether it be a line in a song, a shape of a cloud or a weird lucid dream. She loves creating stories and visualizing not only what the eye sees but how the mind works when receiving these images and color schemes and musical tones. As a Latina woman, she understands the obstacles she faces in the film industry and pushes through as a leader with a voice and vision in any project she takes on.

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Writer Statement

I live to invoke emotion through my writing and visual creations. And nobody can take that life away from me.