NO SUBMISSION FEES (No submission fees to the filmmaker ever).
NO MAILING COSTS (We request submissions be either or links. If you cannot provide us with a non-password protected, listed or link, we will notify you if your film is selected and you will pay postage. ) NO LIMITS (We do not limit you as to how many films you can submit. If we like your stuff, be assured we will ask to see more. WE LIKE INDEPENDENT FILM.)

The Jaxon Film Fest is south-central Michigan's newest film festival. Held in Jackson, Michigan's historic Michigan Theater, it is preparing for its third year, This year it is scheduled for the second weekend in November, 2015.

The chosen themes this year for our film festival will be LOVE, REDEMPTION and SALVATION.(but not in the classical nor Biblical sense--although this is not a bad thing..) Although it would be nice to find films that incorporate all three themes, a film MUST be on one of the universal themes to qualify for selection for our film festival. Films on other than these three themes will not be considered for our film festival.

NOTE: Effective as of May 1, 2014, we are now looking for documentaries as well. These may be on any topical subject, and will be selected based solely on what we think may interest this year's audience.

We do not charge filmmakers a fee for submission. It's FREE! for filmmakers. Going into our third year we are attempting to make things as diplomatic as possible. We have also gone so far as to eliminate all postage costs by making it possible for you to submit your films either as a or link.

We are able to do this by downloading all selected films and burning them ourselves to DVDs according to our needs.

DO NOT send us anything by Dropbox, or file transfer. DO NOT send anything as an attachment.

Please submit as a plain text email. When writing please include your name, the name of your production company, your address, phone number, etc.

Please include a synopsis of your film. Include all credits.

If we like what you share with us, be assured we will ask to see more of your stuff.

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