The Java International Creative Awards aimed to flourish the beauty of creativity. Art is a profound creation since the beginning of time, and it is the most subtle but effective method to voice feelings and spread the messages of heart.

Java has a long history of art. It has a prioritized artistic value in every aspect of their lives - in the fields of art, carving, dancing, painting, sculpture, handicraft. For this reason, the Java International Creative Awards strives to develop art in all aspects.

Submit your work of art through digital submission only.

- Overall winner of the Festival will receive winner trophy and winners will receive well-framed certificate, sash, and token when attending the Awards Ceremony in person.
- Winners will be awarded Platinum Award, Gold Award, and Silver Award Winner.

- All registrations must be done digitally.
- Non-film artwork must be submitted in digital form (in a recorded video or photographs), sent along with personal data, and specifications.
- Work of art can be made/produced from any year. Distributed and premiers films are allowed to apply.
- We accept artworks carrying any theme, excepts: vulgarity, nudity, and works containing racist, intolerant, and hate towards any group or religion.
The rules below bind all participants without exception:

- All artworks must be solely the work of the participants, or the submitter has all rights required to submit. Participants are fully responsible for the partial or whole artwork that is included and release the Festival from any lawsuits related to the submitted work.
- If underage, this participation has been approved by his/her parent/guardian.
- The decision of the juries or the festival committee is final and cannot be contested.
- The festival has the right to change the name of the festival or the name of the award without the consent of any party.
- The festival has the right to work and collaborate with any third parties or sponsor to organize this Festival.
- The festival has the right to disqualify participants without the need to provide an explanation.
- The participants must communicate politely and not do things that defile/vilify the Festival through any media, during the Festival, and after the Festival is over.
- The Festival has the right to display some or all of the films/works that are registered for marketing or festival purposes, without giving commercial value.
The work and copyrights remain and are fully held by the participants.
- Violations of this Regulation may result in the Participant being disqualified.
- All problems will be resolved in a family and deliberation manner; but if it still fails, third parties will be used as an intermediary. When it still fails, then the disputes shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in North Jakarta.
- Any dispute arising as a result of submission to the Festival will have a recourse limited to the lesser of either the submission fee paid or the cost of correcting the issue.

- By submitting, the Participant states that he has read all of these regulations and is willing to follow them.