We will host an extended, multi-day, festival programme of films in September 2020 at the Barbican Centre, London.

Having delivered two full festival programmes predicated along quite intellectual lines, this year we're examining the body and sensation. Partly inspired by the now 2021 Tokyo Olympics, we're presenting a line-up of features and shorts that examine the body through performance, sport, exercise, and more.

By submitting your film, you'll be contributing to the showcasing of contemporary Japanese experimental works that challenge existing film practises and structures.

Style: Experimental
Format: digital
Production: made by Japanese or Japanese diaspora filmmakers/video artists
Language: English, Japanese with English subtitles or no dialogue
Length: under 45 mins
Entry fee: $15 (non-refundable)

Japanese Avant-garde and Experimental Film Festival reserves the right to use small portions and stills of accepted films for promotion of events.


スタイル : 実験映画
フォーマット : デジタル
製作 : 日本人または海外在住の日本人映画監督、ビデオアーティストによって作られたもの
使用言語 : 英語または日本語(英語字幕付き)、もしくは対話なし
上映時間 : 45分以下
参加費 : $15 (返金不可)