My name is Jade, currently (for the past 10 years) I've beeing working as an Architect here in my city where I also have finish College. I've always been in love with cinema since forever, I guess, and always thougth what it would be like to do a film, to shot something. But instead that I started working with 3D renderings for constructor developers for the past 9 years with my associates and developing projects of houses, buildings and industries for another company. Somehow I started directing, editing, animating and photographing through here. So far my passion for cinema is being satisfyed through this, through a blank space a world with physical barriers. Now on 2021 with a little more time to kill I decide to give a try on the real world and I end up to being very happy with my first film. For now... I think that's my history with The Seventh Art.
Birth Date
June 25, 1988
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