• Asmin Giri
  • Asmin Giri
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  • Length:
    2 minutes 32 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 3, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
    English, Nepali
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Artist Biography

Asmin Giri, also known as Emikid, is a Nepalese rapper, lyricist and music producer from Lamahi, Dang. He was born in 2007, 1st June.

Early Life:

Emikid was born on 1st June, 2007 in Lamahi. His was the 2nd child of Mr. Anirudhra Giri and Mrs. Pushpa Yogi. He has also a sibling sister name Asmita Giri. He was inspired by Eminem, J Cole, Juice Wrld, Kr$na, Biggie, MF Doom and so on.
In the age of 11 he wrote his first rap in English but he wasn’t satisfied with it and he decided to write rap in English after 1 year. So, in the age of 12 he wrote his first Nepali rap name as “Kalakaar”. After getting decent good reviews by his friends he started to uploading rap music in youtube. But he uploaded english rap as his first rap music in youtube. But lately he started to uploading Nepali rap song as well. His english lyrics wasn’t that much good as his Nepali. At the age of 13 he released a lyrical shit 🔥 track like “Hustlers” featuring “Movil” an Indian rapper. He also doning lots of good work in the teenage. And this way his early life goning.


Emikid, this name tell the half story itself. He was inspired by Eminem so, he copy/use Emi from Eminem. Juice Wrld was he one of the first rapper whome he used to listen. The first rapper whose biography he read was Juice Wrld. He read that Juice Wrld initial name was Juice The Kidd so, he cope/use Kidd as (kid) from Juice Wrld. That’s way he chose Emikid as his stage name to give respect to his first inspirations.

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Artist Statement

I don't wanna do anything for me, I want to do for my country.