The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County is proud to host it's very 1st annual International Student Film Festival! This historical landmark sits perfectly in between New York City and Philadelphia, and archives some of the most intriguing information regarding Jewish history inside of the county and state. As far as film is concerned, The Museum has always been very profound in the art of filmmaking, and it was this year that the JHMOMC decided it would give back to young filmmakers across the area and showcase their films! We accept all types of short films from all types of young filmmakers, and look forward to seeing their works!


Lots of awards!

-All films submitted must be under 30 minutes length.
-All films submitted must be by a filmmaker who is 18 or younger.
-All films must be in english, or at least have english subtitles.
-Filmmakers receive free admission to their films.
-Awards will be given out at the end of the screening.