From Just For Laughs (JFL) comes the annual short film program, Eat My Shorts, and we’re calling all comedy filmmakers worldwide!

We are searching for the funniest short films from around the world to showcase in Eat My Shorts, during this year’s 40th Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal (July 27-30, 2022). We’re looking at you to make us laugh! Submit your short film from any comedic genre – from mockumentaries to edgy comedies, parodies to animation, and everything in between! All are welcome.

The top films will be screened online during our July Montreal Festival.

These top films will be voted on by a jury of programming experts, selected by Just For Laughs.

• 1st Place $1,000 CAD
• 2nd Place $500 CAD
• 3rd Place $250 CAD
The winning filmmaker(s) will be announced at the screening.


• Open to filmmakers worldwide (All languages will be accepted but subtitles must be in English).
• All submissions must be done through FilmFreeway to be eligible.
• All types of comedic genres will be accepted.
• Films must have been completed in 2020, 2021 or 2022.
• World, North American and/or Canadian premieres are encouraged but not required
• Submissions must be no longer than 15 minutes in length to be eligible.
• Submissions must not have had a web, TV, streaming, or theatrical release (excluding festivals) in Canada before the festival’s closing date.
• Films that have played other festivals are allowed, but submissions cannot be publicly available in Canada (private links on YouTube or Vimeo are acceptable).
• Final Submission deadline is May 24,2021.

• Selected shorts are compiled onto a screening compilation in a format determined at the sole discretion of the Festival. You will be notified of the format required.
• You will need to fill out, sign and return a screening agreement (supplied by festival)
• We will request additional marketing materials (if applicable), such as photo(s)/stills of your film for website, press kits, etc.
• Each project will receive up to 2 digital passes to attend the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Nika Belianina

    I was quite surprised to learn that they selected only 11 short films, so it was quite an honour to be among them with my short film "The Robbery"! The calibre of industry people attending, even though it was an online edition, was really impressive. Got to pitch new work to some big important people. Overall everybody was so jazzed to be there, that it made the whole festival experience extra special. They say in person it's even better!

    August 2021
  • This was awesome. JFL is a titan in the comedy world. I was humbled and glad to be part of it.

    October 2020
  • Evan Powers

    Just For Laughs is the place to be for comedy, and it was a blast screening at such a special festival. The lineup was so good, and the people were even better. Tony is a great dude. Why are you still reading this? Go submit already!

    November 2019
  • We had an amazing experience at Just For Laughs. Full crowd and fun films.

    August 2019
  • This is a festival that is absolutely worth attending if you're a comedy filmmaker because there are incredible people to network with, from the comedians/actors to their reps and executives. Everybody is there! While I made a lot of great connections, I can't say it was easy. It was hard to meet other filmmakers, because there was no central hub for us, and our films didn't screen until the 3rd day-- which is when we were able to find out who the other filmmakers were. Meanwhile, if you go alone (like I did) it's really hard to break into the groups of people hanging around, because the comedians all know each other from the stand-up scene, and the reps and execs all know each other from doing deals and having lunches. Ultimately, as a filmmaker, you end up feeling a little like the unwanted stepchild without a home, but I think this whole issue could be easily resolved with a Facebook group where filmmakers can meet before they arrive, or a casual filmmaker meetup on the first day-- so we can have a community to wander with like everybody else does. The happy ending is that --thanks in part to my sacking up and going for it-- I did get to meet some of the rising stars I want to put in my next few movies, because everyone is just there, hanging around. The people who run the festival are super nice and very busy. Tony Wosk, the programmer, is a total doll and I loved hanging out with him. Ultimately, I highly recommend this festival for anyone who's serious about comedy. There were tons of free panels and podcasts and shows, and a couple of really cool parties with free food and open bars; not to mention that it's a complete honor to be accepted as a finalist among all the amazing comedy shorts that are on the festival circuit at any given time.

    July 2019