Does your movie make Jewish cool, exciting, relevant?
Then the American Jewish Film Festival - The JEWZYS is for you.
We are highly selective.
Your movie does NOT have to be 'Jewish', but rather, it has to be 'of interest' to Jewish folks, of any age, of any affiliation or none.

We have a fund for original content, so we will consider funding for your next production or help you raise the funds.
You will receive the prestigious American Jewish Film Festival - JEWZY Award.
Various prizes will be awarded too.
We are here to encourage the BEST in Jewish filmmaking.

Contact us for details or see below.
Your movie must be available to show in the USA and ideally globally.
You must own all the rights and be able to indemnify.
You do not have to be the filmmaker, but you must be able to fully represent it.

Full Details:

Dates & Deadlines
Enter until
Notification Date - September 12, 2021
Event Date - September 30 to October 04, 2021*
*These dates may be extended by the Judges and notified on this platform

Please complete Entrants’ Licence for entries and winning entries to be shown on JEWZY.TV

Rules & Terms
Contact us for details and necessary Entrant’s Licence to show film on JEWZY.TV.
Your movie must be available to show in the USA and ideally globally.
You must own all the rights and be able to indemnify.
You do not have to be the filmmaker, but you must be able to fully represent it.

1. Any person(s) from all walks of life and of any faith can enter and as many times as they wish. You must be 18 years or older to enter.
3. All films entered should be sent in high definition. One version, with a separate SRT or VTT closed caption file. File in HD format 1080p. H.264 .mp4 files between 4-25GB; Entrants will provide what is reasonably available to the highest quality.
4. Relevant opening date for the completion, Entry Deadline, etc. – as above.
5. The judges are looking for the best film entry in each category. Winning films will feature on the JEWZY.TV OTT Platform and website, provided that the Entrants’ Licence is completed (please ask for details). The judges are looking for the wow factor, as well as good execution and good quality recording. The judges’ decision is in their absolute discretion and is final; no correspondence will be entered into about the decision making process or otherwise. The entries will be judged by judges appointed by JOTT TV who are independent of the Entrants.
The judges will decide upon the best 20% of the entries and from that will decide upon a First, Second and Third prizes.
6. Prizes are: right to be shown on JEWZY.TV platform as a JEWZYs winner (see Entrants’ Licence); JEWZYS Winner certification; and further prizes as judges may announce in their discretion.

The winning three entrants will each be notified individually and an announcement will be made on the JEWZY.TV platform and website within and for the duration of 1 month of the Entry Deadline. The Entrants’ Licence provides for winning films to be shown on the JEWZY.TV platform for 1 month of the Entry Deadline; the parties may agree a shorter term and/or an extension to the Entrants’ Licence duration.
Prizes will be sent to the address in the entry form of the winning entrants within 1 month of the announcement. The main prize is showing on JEWZY.TV for one month after winners are announced.
7. Films must not infringe the rights of any third party, can only include music for which all rights have been cleared, must not offend, defame, abuse any person or breach any applicable laws and must comply with JEWZY.TV platform and website general Terms of Use. Entrants remain directly and wholly liable for any material which breaches these rules. JEWZY.TV reserves the right to refer offending material to the appropriate authorities.
8. When you register an entry, you will be asked for your contact details, including: mailing address, telephone number, and, email address. When you complete the entry form, in return for the chance to win you will license to JEWZY.TV the right to show the film as the Entrants’ Licence provides. JEWZY.TV is unencumbered intellectual property rights owner of the JEWZY.TV platform and may decide in its absolute discretion to use, transmit, distribute, market and display the film both whilst the competition is live and if you win a prize.
9. If you wish to see whether or not your entry or winning entry has been used, you will need to subscribe to JEWZY.TV in the usual way. There is always a 7-day free trial period.
10. This competition is being run by JOTT TV Limited trading as JEWZY Cinema & .TV:
FAO. American Jewish Film Festival - The JEWZYS
JOTT TV Limited UK Registered Company Number 07398348
REGISTERED OFFICE: c/o PW Gable House, 239 Regents Park Road, London N3 3LF, England
TEL: +44 208 933 0181

Please see further JEWZY.TV Privacy Policy on its website