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JANPATH - A Request to Prime Minister Modi

This Documentary, JANPATH is about Delhi’s Janpath Market and problems faced by Street Vendors. Municipal Authorities and Police regularly harass them, however with the launch of Smart City campaign they are severely affected. On the other hand “rural-urban migration” is at it’s peak. Villages of the world are emptying out and people are moving to cities. It’s the largest movement in history. By 2050, Delhi will the world’s largest city, in terms of population.

Governments and regulatory authorities are ignorant about this movement. Instead of aggressively working on the cities and equipping it for growing population, they are building Smart cities. Concept of Smart City has failed. It takes up huge amount of resources and serves very small segment of population.

We hope to throw some light in this direction.

  • Vivek Rai
    Cut Copy Paste, The Big Talk
  • Lost Kyte Films
    Cut Copy Paste, The Big Talk
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    49 minutes 14 seconds
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Director Biography - Vivek Rai

Vivek Rai is an Independent Filmmaker. He started making films after quitting his job in 2013. He pursued a screenplay writing course in FTII. He made two small documentaries and a 50 minute documentary on the effect of smart cities on street vendors of India. Presently, he is travelling to film festivals with my latest documentary, CUT-COPY-PASTE, An Indian Startup Story. This documentary explores the startup ecosystem of India.

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