"I've never seen a rebuilding this fast." Machado's hometown of Baltimore

What did San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado think when he saw the Baltimore Orioles, his former team that had changed so much?

In an interview with local media such as 'MASN' ahead of the home game against Baltimore on the 15th (Korean time), Machado conveyed his thoughts about Baltimore, saying, "I have never seen a team that completed a rebuilding so quickly."In an interview with local media such as 'MASN' ahead of the home game, he expressed his thoughts on Baltimore, saying, "I have never seen a team that completed a rebuilding so quickly."

Machado, who was drafted by the Orioles with the third overall pick in the 2010 draft, was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers ahead of the trade deadline in July 2018.

At the time, Baltimore was at the height of its Dark Ages. He gave up Machado, who was about to obtain FA qualification, and chose to invest in the future. They gave up Machado and took in multiple prospects, including Ryan Bannon, Youthniel Diaz, Dean Kramer, Jack Pop, and Breivik Barrera.
Cremer is the only player who has been properly positioned on either team, but Baltimore has bolstered the squad in every way possible. Adley Lutzman, Gunna Henderson, Ryan Mountcastle, and Austin Hayes were drafted, and Felix Batista was discovered in the overseas prospect market.

These efforts are bearing fruit. Last season, it exceeded the .500 win rate for the first time since 2016, and this season it is running for the lead in the American League East Division.

“There is a high chance of winning the district this season,” Machado said. It is really impressive to see how the team was created in a very short period of time,” he said, commenting that Baltimore succeeded in rebuilding in a short period of time.

Having experienced three postseasons in Baltimore, he said, “I brought back the old culture by playing winning games. Baltimore has been a city of sports for a long time, so it is very impressive to see that the house was completely cleaned and rebuilt in a short period of time,” he said, adding that Baltimore has regained its old atmosphere.

He said, “Baseball has made me grow in many ways, but in the end, I must not forget where I came from. I grew up in Miami, Baltimore gave me the opportunity to live my dream life and now I live in one of the best cities in the world and play for a great team to win the World Series. You never know what will happen in real baseball. And I think it's a beautiful thing,” he said, not forgetting where he came from.

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