It's me

They have experienced three different life, but it is me.
Eden has experienced terrible past events at different ages. It is these past events that made her suffer from multiple personalities. When she was stimulated for the last time, she accidentally killed her husband David, but she can't remember all this.
This story is about multiple personalities, this mainly about the main character Eden’s different personality include Ava, Blanche, Celeste. They are the same character in different age periods. Ava suffer school violence for a long period,David's nephew pushed her down the stairs the day before, but because of David's identity, she did not get his due apology and was questioned by teachers and parents. Blanche has just entered the company for a period of time. She has average personal work ability, good face, weak personality, and is sexually harassed by David in the workplace. At the beginning, she only tends to show sexual harassment and enjoys "welfare" in the company, so she has not resisted. Later, David's sexual harassment gradually became excessive. When she makes resistance, the so-called "welfare" will also disappear. She wants to change this fact and ask David in the stair half. Celeste is a house wife. She is financially dependent on her husband and suffers from domestic violence for a long time, but in order to tolerate her daughter, David initially only committed domestic violence against Celeste, and gradually began to start her daughter's domestic violence. In fact, Eden has suffered these things in her life. But, Eden denies this situation what she was killed the deceased.

  • Jiatong Wu
  • Jiatong Wu
  • Chunlu Hao
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    7 minutes
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - The university of sydney
Director Biography - Jiatong Wu

Born in a northeast city of China, Jiatong Wu became very interested in film major when her first came into contact with it in high school. She studied in Liaoning University as a director of drama, film and television, and had a solid foundation as a director. She had a two-year stage director. During her school years, she shot many films reflecting social phenomena, and her graduation works also won the best film in college and were shown in her college. She studying in the university of Sydney majoring in moving image have a deeper contact with the major of film and television, and are more clear about their future development direction.

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