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"Its always there"

A girl named Ares suffers from tourettes syndrome. She constantly gets bullied at school and sometimes it gets really bad. Things get so bad she thinks just letting herself die. But everytime she does she stops and thinks. One night when her parents weren't home she was making dinner. Then she hears footsteps/an echo of a voice that keeps ringing in her ears saying her name. Then it stops. Everyday the possesion gets worse and worse. It even controls her into killing her parents at one point. she tries to fight it but can't. "It" kept trying to kill another people. no one knows this demon...she contols everyone of her movements now on Day 3 of the possesion. Day 1 it only slowly scares you. All she wanted to do was keep running and never come back. at the end Ares still had a little bit in her to do to the train station and used the rest of her to fall right in the traintracks of a train. but little did she know that the demon would find his/her/its victim. Day 1: it controls her vocie DAY 2: Her arms and legs Day #3: EVERYTHING. on day two she kills her own parents as it takes control. AT 3 am on day two she rises from her bed and she shakes uncontrollably her perents comes in, tries to stops it . But "It" SHuts them up by thrwoing knives at them. Then it" even kills her bestfriend and anyone that bullied her or anyone it didnt like. Then day 3 she uses the rest of her strength to go to the train tracks and kill herself before it makes her kill anymore "I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL ANYONE ELSE YOU PHYSCO" she falls in the tracks as a train pasts by. Bt it glances at her dead body and says. THIS IS NOT OVER

  • Hana Su-Fen Araki
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    Short Script, Other
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    Horror, drama
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Writer Biography - Hana Su-Fen Araki

My name is Hana Araki
I live in Japan
I would love to become an actress but i figured i should start with writing

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"writing leads to acting and acting is what makes me come alive"