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It's a Secret: The Unrevealed Love Story

The story begins in a dark cell of Afghanistan where captain James Scott and Seargent Justin are narrating their own story to a fellow soldier. The story runs in the flashback describing the events that attracted two young hearts belonging from two opposite professions. This unique love story of Captain Scott and Dr.Jenifer goes through a series of cute, romantic as well as suspicious events and hence signifies the title of the story, “It’s a Secret: The Unrevealed Story”.

Scott is an American special forces captain and Jenifer is an ordinary doctor belonging from Los Angeles. They get to meet each other when a medical team lead by Dr. Jenifer is sent for help to the American military camp in Baghdad from Los Angeles.

With a beautiful smiling face and a humble nature, Scott gets attracted towards Jenifer. Jenifer falls in love with Scott and so does he. How some beautiful incidents like daily coffee and a rainy night in Scott's barrack gradually develop the love between them. From their first kiss to their first fight every episode has its own crisp. Scott's best friend Justin who is a sergeant is already in a relationship with lieutenant Belly who is a doctor. There is not only a single love story that is going in the script, there are three love stories. One and the main of Scott and Jenifer, second of Justin and Belly, and the last and suspicious one of Nancy who is a nurse in the medical team and Bucky. The character of Bucky plays a very crucial role in the script. He is a good friend of Scott and tends to manage a transport company but his presence on suspicious occasions creates a doubt on his character. From the bomb blast to the terrorist attack on the camp, everything is somewhat linked to him. All the stories were going perfectly side by side but a love story of an American special forces captain and an ordinary doctor is not so ordinary. Jenifer's biggest concern is Scott's suspicious work, what he does, why he lies to her every time, why he leaves her alone in the middle of every date. For some time she ignores her concern but this wasn't going to be ignored for long. One day when the camp was attacked by some terrorists while the bravo team was tricked and sent away. The terrorists kidnapped Jenifer and took her away. But Scott wasn't going to wait for any orders from above, and so he started his unofficial rescue mission in which he got full support and help from his team and ultimately managed to save her. But for the time she was kidnapped, the main kidnapper whose name was Argus injected in her a lot of doubts about Scott by especially showing his photo with Scott where they both were posing happily. When she returned to camp, her doubt became utmost strong when she saw Scott shooting two of his soldiers with his own hands. On asking he denied to answer her making her doubt more strong. And then what happened was expected, Jenifer broke up with Scott due to his suspicious behavior and their opposite professions. Jenifer decides to stay apart which is difficult for her too. But they meet again in Los Angeles when an ambulance with a patient is received by Jenifer where she gets a huge shock as she sees Scott lying unconscious with his body blooded on the stretcher which was when Scott was trying to save some civilians from a shootout by the terrorists where he also meets another suspicious character of the story, David. She operates on Scott and from here their love story resumes, as now Scott informs her whenever he is on a dangerous mission. On a very usual day, Scott came to Jenifer to tell her that he will be on a mission for a month and Jenifer sadly sees him off. But from that day onwards Scott and Justin never came back. And Bucky too was never seen. The story is going in the flashback, at present Scott and Justin are telling this story to Louis, who is also locked in a dark cell of Afghanistan, in the city of Lashkargah. But the big question is if Scott and Justin are locked in a cell, where is Bucky. And who is behind Scott and Justin's kidnapping? Is Bucky a victim or the main villain? Although there is a lot of suspense in the story, the ultimate suspense lies in the question of where Scott and Justin are and who is behind all this. Will they be able to meet Jenifer and Belly again? And if yes, then how? Some of these mysterious questions are solved at the middle and end but not all the questions are to be answered. Since it is a multi-season script, a lot of suspense is to be cleared in the next like where is Bucky, why he helped David in rescuing them when he himself took them there. Is Bucky doing this all intentionally or he is being forced by someone. If he is then who is the main boss. Who is David and how do Scott and Justin know him. How he got there. The post-film scene also plays a crucial role in creating suspense within the audience as in the post-credit scene, Bucky has been tied on a chair where he is surrounded by some people holding weapons. All this will be cleared in the upcoming seasons. The title of the story is significant as it emphasizes the genre of the story that it is full of suspense and love.

  • Kushal Kumar Singh
  • Atul Kumar Jaiswal
  • Abhay Kumar Jaiswal
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    Screenplay, Television Script, Treatment
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Kushal Kumar Singh, Atul Kumar Jaiswal, Abhay Kumar Jaiswal

Kushal Singh is a 16-year-old Indian scriptwriter, novelist, and motivational speaker. He writes film scripts and novels specializing in romance and suspense thrillers. He published his first book at the age of 14. His motivational show- "Zindagi Aur Hum" is also very famous all over India. His recently written romantic novel- "The Moonlight Smile that Stole my Heart" and the romantic suspense thriller- "It's a Secret: The Unrevealed love story" are some famous novels currently

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