It's How I See It

This is a story of love. Two young African American college students who materialized from different backgrounds and struggles, fight to overcome their differences in a per marriage counseling office. Manny, abandoned at a young age in the city, leans on himself to survive and fulfill his heart's void. Patricia aka: Patty, suburb bound, on the other hand heavily values her widowed father’s opinion. Charles W. Young, a widow and single father of two, struggles to be the rock that Patty so desperately desires. Due to his failures to love the way he knows he should have, his grief has kept Patty arm’s length away. Such passion driven by fear has caused him to almost poison the possibility of love between Manny and Patricia. It was not until Manny unexpectedly changes the heart of Charles and reveals what true agape love is.

The story follows an underline message that although we all see things differently, we all desire agape love. The problem is we do not understand how to communicate that effectively. If we take the time to internally understand our spouse prior to marriage, it allows us to grow evenly, express His love more easier resulting in a sound marriage. Throughout the film we will follow the journey through different eras as conflict and resolution occurs following the principles of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Finishing with Love Never Fails. This is a series the first of a series focusing on Patience or the lack there of.

  • Kathlene D Robinson
    Co- Writer of Hosea an Undying Love- Grace Like Rain Entertainment
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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Kathlene D Robinson

Kathlene Robinson is an engine that keeps running and strives for perfection and accepts nothing else. She was born in Minneapolis Minnesota to a gifted family. Forced to try many different styles of the arts, she quickly discovered her niche. What drew her to purse the film industry was quite simple. Entertainment, filmmaking in all its forms, has been apart of her entire life. She is versatile and professionally trained from one of the best film Schools in the United States. Kathlene Robinson is a veteran of the United States Army who stands and upholds the Army Values. Her experience as a veteran, and her love for God, has molded who she is today. She is the founder and owner of Driven Eye, LLC and which now has branched out into it's own Film and Production company called BEAST FILM Studios. She is a hard working woman who recently completed her majoring in Digital Cinematography with Bachelor of Science from Full Sail University with honors, and Project Planning and Development Course Director award. Kathlene has not only received an award in Best Biblical Screenplay as a Co- Writer but as a Cinematographer as well. Her excitement is steadfast as she anticipates her new career path within the film and entertainment industry. In less then two years from receiving her film degree, Robinson has, developed, directed, written, captured, and produced commercials, an independent short film, music videos, cinematic wedding films, live venue events, as well as many other cinema projects. In addition to her film projects, within a year and a half, Kathlene Robinson has also photographed numerous images for families, weddings, life style, modeling shoots, marketing, public relation, music magazines, live events and sporting events. Mrs. Robinson is continuously recognized for her work ethic and her over dedication to developing her craft. Her drive is unmistakable, and her mere presence is inspiring. She is connecting her vision and passion that carries momentum for generations to come

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