It happened at midnight

Desmond Ben
In my first year in university, I stayed in an all-girls hostel.
My friends and I were happy to be in school and away from our strict parents who never allowed us to explore.
Our hostel itself was beautiful and very fun to be in though it was an old building.
Since the hostel's building was an old one, electricity(light) was only put in the rooms. This meant that once you walked out of the rooms, you'd be faced with total darkness. The corridors and toilets were in complete darkness. So, it was very common to wake someone up at midnight, to escort you to the toilets at the far end of the building so you wouldn't get scared. We all had that fear of being alone in the dark.
I woke up in the middle of one night, feeling the urge to urinate. I checked my little clock that sat on top of my bedside table, it read 4am.
I sat up from my bed and went to my friend's bed and tapped her on the arm to wake her. She immediately opened her eyes as soon as I touched her.
I apologized for bothering her, and told her that I needed to pee. She smiled at me and sprang out of the bed. We left the room and walked into the dark corridors.
All the way down the dark corridor, she laughed and danced. I could not see her at all, but I could hear the sound of her feet as they stomped on the hard floor. It was calming. I softly laughed along with her in the corridor. She said nothing to me though occasionally, I heard her hum one of our favorite Bollywood songs. I said nothing to her in return cause I was somehow sleepy and tired.
We reached the toilet and I peed. The same dancing and humming happened on our return.
Immediately we got back to our room, I hopped into the bed, and she did the same. I fell asleep almost immediately.
I woke up very late the next morning to the sound of men moving in our room. They surrounded her bed. I bolted up from my bed, ready to save my friend when I realized that they were the school administrators.
I peered over their shoulders to see my friend's lifeless eyes fixated at the direction of my bed; the same smile on her face.
Apparently, she had committed suîcide.
The said her time of dèath was around 11:00pm. This meant she dîed five hours before I woke her. She dièd hours before she accompanied me to the toilets.
© Desmond Ben 4-11-2021.

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