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It Was Never Enough

Raised in a single parent home by his mother, Patricia Peterson, Thomas knows nothing more than being independent. He has even made it a personal mission of his and a central focus in his life.

Unfortunately, Thomas’s independence leads to a spiraling obstruction of his sanity and innocence. The love his mother gives isn’t enough to save him; not even Church. The crimes he has committed are too good to pass up. And though his tears are of vulnerability and submission, and repentance is taken into account he caves into his own personal vices.

It Was Never Enough entails the exploration of human error. It questions our own decision-making and gives us a glimpse at the troubles of suppression and the affect it has on the ones we love. It navigates and unveils that reconciliation is a misnomer for salvation in that it can only help you so much. It reveals that corruption is the sole proprietor of our genetic makeup, but it is through our own free will that we decide to either fall short or soar high. Sadly, Thomas chooses the latter.

  • Micah Parker
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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Micah Parker

Micah Parker is a Seminole State College of Florida alumnus. During his time there, Micah was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. In his downtime, Micah creatively writes pieces from poetry and short stories to memoirs and screenplays.

His active involvement in the arts - having received a full-ride scholarship to a renowned local performing arts center, the Dr. Phillips School for the Performing Arts, has allowed for his creative thinking to reach new heights that are enchanting, inclusive and universally relatable.

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