“I had a beautiful evening.. The Isle of Man and Isle of Man Film Festival have my heart” – BAFTA winning Director, Writer and Actor AMMA ASANTE, "Belle".

Started and run by film makers, the Isle of Man Film Festival is an intimate-yet-rapidly-growing gathering that aims to encourage independent film making talent. A place that British film critic and festival patron, Mark Kermode, describes as “a destination for discovering films”.

Mark is chief film critic and reviewer for the Observer and the BBC. For the past four years, he has headed up the judging panel for our short film competition. Festival attendees have multiple opportunities to mingle with Mark who hosts the main events for us, including presenting the awards to the successful filmmakers from our competition. Mark is back to host in 2018!

“It’s a matter of making the Island feel that it is part of the global filmmaking community, for people to think of it as a destination to come and talk about films, show films and meet other filmmakers”  – MARK KERMODE

The next festival will be held September 7-9 2018! Set amidst a dreamy, pastoral landscape, the Isle of Man Film Festival is sure to inspire the artist, film lover and naturalist in you.

We showcase films in a series of screenings over a weekend in a variety of venues around the beautiful, unique and extremely creative Isle of Man, while also offering events over the course of the festival to inspire and inform in various aspects of the industry.

“All the events were excellent; the right mixture of high quality art and entertainment and no shortage of fun moments too, thanks to some talented special ‘guests’ who added a valuable human touch to the proceedings. I’m glad I was around to enjoy it, big thanks to everyone involved!” - Christine Collister, singer songwriter and IOMFF audience member.

Our special guests include actors, directors, writers and producers, all of whom we try to ensure attendees have an opportunity to mingle, meet with and learn from.

Initially started as a platform for short film from the indigenous talent of the Island itself, IOMFF has now expanded to showcase work of filmmakers around the world. We take pride in taking great care with your work. Our committee watches and carefully analyses every film that enters, this ensures that we are able to give each film the attention that it deserves.

This personal care also extends to our visiting filmmakers and special guests - not only with regards to the great prizes on offer, but that ensuring they enjoy a truly memorable visit in every aspect of their trip.

“Had the privilege of watching the short listed films, really amazing stuff. Funny, heart warming, informative and some really original ways of viewing the world.” - audience member IOMFF

Previous guests / contributors have included:
Sir John Hurt, CBE
Amma Asante (BAFTA winning Director, 'Belle')
John Rhys-Davies
Phil Hawkins ('Spielberg's favourite young Director')
Chris Jones (Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook & London Screenwriting Festival)
Hamish Morrow (Future Shorts)
J Blakeson (Writer/Director 'Alice Creed')
David Wilkinson (Guerilla Films)
Lee Boardman (HBO's 'Rome')
Martin Pope (BAFTA nom Producer, 'Chico & Rita', 'The Heart of Me')

Short Film Competition has the following categories - all have a maximum duration of 15 minutes:

Best Documentary
Best Fiction
Best Comedy
Best Animation

Audience Vote Award
Best of the Fest

Each winner of the main four categories will get a special IOMFF award. The Audience Vote Award will also win an award, and there is the overall Best of the Fest, chosen by Mark Kermode.

Films must be received by that date in order to be considered for selection.

The festival takes place at various venues on the Isle of Man from September 7th to 9th 2018.
Films should be submitted online, via private or password protected Vimeo or Youtube link. Please ensure password is supplied with link. If you get through the first round of judging, you will be notified by email by 1st August 2018. *See further details under ‘Selection Process’*

If your film is successful in getting through the first round of judging, you will be asked to send DVD copies - or provide a file suitable for us to make DVD copies from - which we will forward to our final judging panel. At this time, any discs should be clearly labeled with the title, running time, and IOMFF tracking number (we will supply this) and a contact email and telephone number.

Submitted entry copies will not be returned due to the high volume of entries received.

We currently accept short films only, with a maximum running time of 15 mins. This is due to limited screen time available. Please see category listings for full information.

Special awards are available for the first place winners in each of the categories, with additional awards for the 'Audience Vote', and the ʻBest of the Festʼ to be chosen from the category winners.

It is the filmmaker’s responsibility to obtain rights, clearances and permissions. Isle of Man Film Festival (IOMFF) assumes no responsibility for violation of copyright law. If selected, IOMFF may ask to see documentation proving clearances and/or permissions for music, artwork or any other element of a film.

The submitting filmmaker must be authorised to submit the film for consideration including permission from a distributor or sales agent representing the film and must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images within the films.

Only the submitting filmmaker will be awarded any applicable prize. It is entirely up to the submitting filmmaker how they distribute or allocate any prize or prize money within their team.

The decisions of the Directors of the Festival are final. No correspondence will be entered into with reference to this issue.

By entering into the festival, the entrant represents and warrants that no material in the film being submitted is libelous or defamatory or violates any right of privacy or publicity of any person and the full use of rights in such film will not violate any rights, including copyright or moral rights, of any person, firm or corporation.

By submitting your entry you consent to, and have obtained all necessary consents for (and agree to provide copies of the same on request), all or any part of the production being reproduced by the Organisers and/or any other parties authorised by the Organisers and/or broadcast by a third party in any media (e.g. press, television, internet or telephone download), solely in relation to, and in support of the festival, provided that, wherever reasonably possible, the rights holder of the work is given appropriate notification and credit.

Entrants shall indemnify, defend and hold the Festival, its agents and its representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses which may be incurred by reason of any breach of these representations, or arising out of any matter contained in the media or otherwise by the Festival’s use of the media.

Entries will not be used in any way for commercial purposes. Isle of Man Film Festival (IOMFF) reserves the right to include portions of films accepted to the festival for promotional purposes.

Your contact details and submission information will never be used for anything other than direct contact from the festival or one of the festivalʼs submission partners and will never be shared with anyone else.
A filmʼs success is dependent not on its budget or length, but on its core vision and the creativity/ efficiency with which it communicates that vision. IOMFF endeavours to create a festival programme that represents the best of of the above, but that also offers a varied schedule for the festival audience.

Films that are submitted on faulty links, unreadable discs or files will not be considered for selection, it is up to the applicant to ensure that the preview copy is in full working order.

Successful entrants will be notified of their inclusion in the festival by the 4th August 2017 latest. All correspondence, including notification letters, will be sent electronically; please provide an email address that is checked regularly and ensure that user accounts related to IOMFF, such as, are permitted to email you.

Location, date/time and number of times film screened are at the discretion of the festival.

Due to the large amounts of submissions we are unable to give comments on individual films prior to submission or offer feedback for unsuccessful entries.

Participants are not entitled to claim rental or other fees for the screenings of their films at the festival.

In addition to the reproduction of stills and clips of selected films (under 1 minute) for all Isle of Man Film Festival publications, festival trailer, press and TV coverage, they may also be screened as part of preview screenings to promote the event.

By agreeing to proceed with your submission you are agreeing to these Terms and
Conditions and your application can then be processed. Entry of a film is binding and implies acceptance of these regulations.

In the event of disagreement concerning the interpretation of the regulations, the interpretation of the festival will take precedence.

Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions may result in the submission being disqualified.

These regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree as follows: a. I have read, understood, and complied with all eligibility requirements. b. The information provided as part of the submission and application process is correct to the best of my knowledge. c. I give IOMFF the authority to use the submitted publicity materials for the purpose of promoting the film and the Festival. d. I understand, as the authorised representative, any prizes will be awarded to the director(s) or relevant parties of the winning films where relevant. By submitting an entry to IOMFF, each entrant expressly grants
permission to use their name, likeness, home country, etc.

Overall Rating
  • Matthew Stacey

    A festival that truly cares about the films and it's filmmakers and the passion of it's organisers and volunteers is very evident.

    The program was inspiring and a fantastic mix. There were networking opportunities before screenings that all attending filmmakers are invited too with special guests.

    There were a few technical hiccups with the sound during our screening at one point but seemed quickly resolved and the image quality of the projection system is top notch.

    Overall its a fantastic and inspiring festival that I believe will grow and grow. Great hosts!

    September 2018
  • Ben Adam-Harris

    Echoing everyone else. This is a wonderful festival, a warm and friendly team that look after all and make everyone feel inclusive. We had an absolute blast! I would highly recommend this festival.

    September 2018
  • Gabriela McNicoll

    We were unable to attend the 2018 Isle of Man, but the communication and kindness of the programmers and fest organizers was superb. We are incredibly grateful to IOMFF for screening our film.

    September 2018
  • A great festival that shows a lot of love to the programme, the filmmakers, and also treats their audience. Definitely recommend, and also if you can attend too. We always love it when a client gets selected here!

    September 2018
  • Shauna Shivers

    The Isle of Man Film Festival is superb and we had a lovely experience working with them this year. The festival screened our film SASHA OF THE SEA and although we were unable to attend the excellent care of the festival team meant that we still felt informed and part of the festival activity. We were honored to win an award at this fantastic festival and would like to thank the wonderful team for their support!

    September 2018