*Please note, due to COVID-19 the 2020 Irish Film Festival has been changed to an online Festival. The full program, including Short Film section, will be streamed November 19 - 29, 2020*
Now in its 6th year, the Irish Australian Film Festival gets bigger and reaches further every year. We screen in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth; bring Irish Directors to Australia for the festival, and our opening night parties are the stuff of legend.

This year we have launched the world's FIRST Short Film Festival devoted to IRISH DIASPORA Everywhere. We encourage those with Irish Heritage around the world to submit films covering all subjects. Especially stories expressing your 'Irishness', and how that informs your immigrant experience, through film:

You don't need an Irish Passport to be eligible. So, even if your Irish connection is way back in your family, as long as you consider yourself to be of Irish heritage you are eligible for this competition.

As this competition is devoted to Irish Diaspora; work produced by those living in Ireland is, unfortunately, NOT eligible.

Please see the T+Cs re short film requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: We screen Selected and Winning Short Films before each feature throughout the Festival, so our film length limit is STRICTLY 10 minutes or less. We CANNOT consider any work which is over 10 minutes.

Slán agus Beannacht!

There will be two Awards: Best Locally-Produced (Australia) Short FIlm; and Best-Globally Produced Short Film.
Winning and Selected Short Films will be announced and screened at a Gala Screening in the Palace Chauvel Cinema in Paddington, Sydney, November 29 2020.
Winning and Selected Short Films will also be screened at the Palace Kino Cinema, Melbourne on Dec 6 2020.
Winning and Selected shorts will be published online at www.irishfilmfestival.com.au, and Irish FIlm Festival Australia Social Media Channels.
Winning and Selection Laurels will be issued to successful filmmakers.
Selected short films will be screened before each feature; including on opening nights.

Prizes will be confirmed closer to the date.

Festival Vision:
The Irish Film Festival celebrates the Irish Community in Australia through the arts and creative storytelling. In addition to screening Irish feature films in Australia, the Festival supports film makers in Australia and worldwide by providing an artistic platform for Irish community members and those of Irish heritage, emerging artists and accomplished professionals to share their stories via short films.

Submission of film represents agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
1. Definitions in these Terms and Conditions:
a. Irish Film Festival Australia 2020 will be known as “The Festival”.
b. Person/s submitting works for consideration as part The Festival will be known as “The Entrant”.
c. Film submitted for consideration as part of The Festival will be known as “The Work”.

2. To be considered eligible for entry, The Work must:
a. Feature at least one Key Creative who is Irish OR of Irish descent.
ie. The Writer or Director or Producer or Editor or Principal Actor(s) must identify as Irish OR of Irish descent.
Preference will be given to short films where the Key Creative(s) expresses his, her or their Irishness, no matter how far back their Irish heritage orignates.
b. The Entrant provides details of their Irish Heritage - Entrant or Family member's name; which County in Ireland they orginiate from; approximately when they emigrated from Ireland.
c. As this competition is devoted to Irish Diaspora; work produced by those living in Ireland is, unfortunately, not eligible.
d. Be up to 10 minutes long, inclusive of opening titles and credits.
e. Be original work. The entrant must guarantee that they have the rights to any material featured in the work.
f. Be submitted through the FilmFreeway website.
g. Be submitted no later then the deadline of 12 March 2020.
h. Be submitted with an US$16 Entry fee, or fee relating to your category - Full Fee; Student Fee; FilmFreeway Golden Fee.
i. Be submitted with:
A one-line synopsis
A 200-word synopsis
Two publicity images, hi-res
j. Be submitted with a budget estimate.
k. Not screen content that is defamatory, obscene, sexually, culturally or racially offensive, pornographic, or libellous.

3. The Irish Film Festival Australia takes no responsibility for any breach of copyright by other parities.

4. Successful entrants will provide a download of the entered Work for conversion to DCP within 10 days of receiving request from the Irish Film Festival.

5. The Entrant grants The Festival rights to exhibit The Work in Australia and online via www.irishfilmfestival.com.au and via irish film festival australia's social media channels:
a. The Irish Film Festival Australia 2020 Shorts curated program of films selected from The Work submitted and as deemed appropriate by the Selection Panel.
b. Promotional purposes.

6. The Irish Film Festival Australia staff and their immediate families may enter but will not be ineligible for a prize.
a. The Prizes will entail the Title of 'Irish Film Festival Australia Short Film Winner 2020 Australia' and 'Irish Film Festival Australia Short Film Winner 2020 - Global"
b. Further prizes to be advised
c. All selected entries will receive an "Official Selection, Irish Film Festival Australia 2020' Laurels graphic for use on all promotional material.

7. Decision of the Selection Panel regarding final curated film festival content and prize winners is final.

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