The author Iris Vignola was born in La Spezia, where she still lives.
Nel fantastico mondo delle fiabe is her collection of twelve stories for children and for those who still love to dream, published in three different editions, with different illustrations.
The latest edition is "Nel fantastico mondo delle fiabe - Into the fantastic world of the fairy tales", enriched with new illustrations and in double Italian and English version.
Her first poem "A mia madre" is inserted in the anthology of various poets “Poems for a mother”.
Her poetry books are "Unico Amore" (the first, written with the poet Horion Enky) - "Non sogno e non realtà" - "Dinanzi a me, c'è solo il mondo" - "Mi voltai... e vidi quel fiore".
"Streghe, folletti e fate filastrocche magiche e favole incantate" and "Filastrocche magiche e favole incantate" are two books for children, both in collaboration with Horion Enky.
One of her poetic collections is part of the anthology "Alisei – Poeti del Nuovo Millennio a confronto".
Her fantasy trilogy is "La Stirpe di Luce - Dynasty of Light", in Italian and English version.
The first book is "La scelta di Asaliah - Asaliah's choice”, both previously published.
The second book is " Le Origini - The Origins"; previously published in English version.
The third book is “Nephilim: Angelica e demoniaca genesi - Nephilim: Angelic and demoniac genesis”, both unpublished.
In reference to "La scelta di Asaliah - Asaliah's Choice", the author produced the screenplay in Italian and English version.
About "The Origins", the author produced the screenplay, in Italian and English version..
Some of her lyrics are published in more anthologies of various poets, made solely for charitable purposes.
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