The Iowa International ScreenDance Festival 2020, as part of the 14th Iowa Dance Festival, is pleased to announce an open call for submissions of ScreenDance, Dance for the Camera films.

ScreenDance: A genre of dance made exclusively for the camera, in which dance/movement is the central theme of the story, becoming the primary expressive element in the work.

This screening is a platform for dance films of any style, genre or technique that highlight and encourage dialogue of the hybrid of dance and film.

Prior to the festival all ScreenDance submissions will be reviewed and curated by a panel of filmmakers, directors, producers and choreographers. Selected film will be screened online as part of the 14th annual Iowa Dance Festival.

Check out a promo video here: and

Deadline, September 12, 2020 at 10:00 PM Central Time
• Maximum time for each submission is five minutes
• Only two submissions allowed per artist
• Date of completion of the submitted works, not older than 2018
• There are no limitations on submissions for films that have been presented at other festivals and/or online
• Films have to be connected with movement, choreography, dance or clear kinetic expression
• Symbolic entry fee $10.00

Selected films must provide the following;
• High resolution still images (jpg, 300dpi)
• Description of the film or artistic statement (no longer than 150 words)
• An exhibition file for your film. We prefer 1920x1080 AppleProRes or H264 files (.mov or .mp4)

Selection criteria is;
• Innovation
• Composition
• Editing
• Over all Message
• Dance/Movement concept and execution

Curatorial Team:

1. Nora Garda: University of Iowa, Pharmaceuticals Senior Chemist, InterDance & Iowa Dance Festival Director.

2. Mathew Steele: Publisher, Little Village Magazine, MFA Media, Social Practice and Design.

3. Peter Chanthanakone: University of Iowa Associate Professor, School of Art and Arts History. award winning director and producer specializing in 3D animated short films.

4. Michael Judge: University of Iowa, Adjunct Instructor, freelance journalist. His articles, essays, interviews and reviews have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, NPR, The Columbia Journalism Review, The Chicago Tribune, Politico and Smithsonian magazine, among other publications.

5. Michael Sakamoto: interdisciplinary artist active in dance, theatre, performance, photography, and media.

6. Carleen Maur; University of Iowa, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Cinematic Arts at the University of Iowa - Film & Video Production.

7. Kevin Kelley: Director and Producer of the Emmy Award-winning documentary Jackson Pollock's "Mural": The Story of a Modern Masterpiece.

8. Eloy Barragán: University of Iowa Associate Professor of Dance, Choreographer, ScreenDance Filmmaker Director of the Iowa International ScreenDance Festival, co-director of the Iowa Dance Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Marta Renzi

    This is one of the all-too-rare festivals that offer a screening fee! Not only that, Eloy & Nora were enthusiastic and communicative before and after the festival, which I couldn't attend. Did I mention that this small festival in Iowa somehow managed to raise enough funding to offer a screening fee? Long may it wave.

    October 2019

    Thank you so much for projecting my movie! :)

    May 2018
  • Sean Wirz

    Great Festival. Unfortunately we couldn't attend. But very clear communication, nice crew. Best of luck for the future!

    May 2018