Private Project

Into the Light

Logline: It is about a guy who wants to come out of his shortcomings spiritually but struggles to do so as his past/environment won't let him change. But he’s not alone in this journey.

This is a crime thriller short film. Ishaan wants to come out of his shortcomings by being spiritual but he struggles to do so as his past/environment won’t let him change. Dave motivates Ishaan to gamble but just as a side hustle. Ishaan agrees but for the last time, since Ishaan has a big promotion coming up and his Aunt wants him to move out and find his own place. Ishaan mentions to Dave that this is the last time he’s going to gamble.
Ishaan and Dave win 5k each as the team they put their money on, wins. However, Ishaan is still not happy. Dave tries to cheer up Ishaan but he’s still lost in his own thoughts. Ishaan leaves as he has some work in the morning. In the morning, Ishaan warns his cousin not to use his phone too much as it leads to addiction, and Rav is playing a casino game on his mobile. To this Rav tells Ishaan not to worry about him as Ishaan never gave up gambling himself. Both of them hear footsteps as Rav’s Mother, they get alert. Aunt Rita enters and scolds Ishaan. She orders Ishaan to pick up some boxes. Rav leaves his room at the same moment.
Ishaan helps load the boxes in Aunt Rita’s car and something falls out of one of the boxes. Ishaan didn’t notice it. Next day Ishaan is feeling exhausted in his office. There is trending news in the office and everybody is discussing and laughing at it. Meanwhile Gerred (office peer) of Ishaan starts asking him if he wants to gamble. Even after saying no to Gerred, he starts compelling Ishaan. After a while Ishaan is able to find out what the trending news in the office is about, he sees a meme of himself. Ishaan immediately goes to Gerred’s desk and confronts him and threatens him. Ishaan notices the camera recording everything and grabs Gerred’s phone, but Gerrerd says that there’s no use as everything is saved on his online drive with some old bets he made with Gerred on the games. Gerred demands 10k as a bribe from Ishaan and demands it within the next 48 hours. Ishaan calls Dave and tells him to set up another bet so he can pay Gerred.
Ishaan meets up with Dave and they start to watch the game they bet money on. They however lose the bet. Now Dave is worried about how Ishaan will manage his business with Gerred. Ishaan and Dave then come up with a plan to get the video back from Gerred, Dave manages to copy Gerred’s Sim card and from there Dave’s guy can trace Gerred’s mobile and remotely tap into it. Both hide after they hear some moment. All of a sudden Gerred comes and finds out where Ishaan and Dave were hiding. While disputing Ishaan gets angry and tries to stab Gerred, even when Dave tried to save Gerrad from Ishaan. By anger of Ishaan Gerred gets stabbed even though Ishaan never meant to stab him and thereafter some random guy arrives which surprises Ishaan and Dave. Ishaan escapes from the location but Dave is caught. Then there’s another guy who arrives at the scene. Ishaan goes to a Sikh temple the next morning and has been there the whole day. At nightfall a man sits beside him and talks about his past mistakes. He tells him he doesn't regret making them and teaches Ishaan about not being perfect. Strange events happen with Dave, thereafter.
Finally, thinking of those guys initially as cops, and then to kidnappers, and then to some scientists who might use Dave instead of rats for a scientific experiment when they take Dave to some weird location, Dave in the end finds out that those guys were some criminals. Dave says to criminals he’s just stuck in some small gambling habit and that he would never kill anyone. The criminals were annoyed by Dave and were about to beat Dave, then they heard a male voice who seemed to be the boss. That’s not a male but Aunt Rita. Gerred’s body is missing when the guy from the temple comes to his house. Aunt Rita worries about Ishaan gambling somewhere in a casino. Ishaan is shown walking on the road he starts a soliloquy, something pulling him back no matter how hard he tries to go in the right direction. Gerred is walking somewhere with the stabs he got from Ishaan.

  • Brian Kennington
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Sneha Sneha
  • James Tooby
    James Tooby started out his career in entertainment as a stunt man and as a roadie for various bands. After settling down he worked as a carpenter on such films as X-Men 1&2 Resident Evil 1&2 and Cinderella Man. After working in such films as Avengers and Black Panther James decided to start being a Producer in independent Canadian films. Among his hobbies are sarcasm family and D&D, not in that order.
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Sandeep Novel
    Key Cast
  • Mandip Brar
    Key Cast
  • Steve Kasan
    Key Cast
  • Ray Kennington
    Key Cast
    "Aunt Rita"
  • Ajay Kumar
    Key Cast
    "Loan guy / Criminal"
  • Gurmeet Singh
    Key Cast
    "Criminal 2"
  • Cameron Staffen
    Key Cast
  • James Tooby
    Key Cast
    "Man in the temple"
  • Sneha Sneha
    Key Cast
    "Concerned woman in the office"
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    26 minutes 11 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 11, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    971 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
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  • Aspect Ratio:
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Brian Kennington, Ajay Kumar

My name is Ajay Kumar. I was born in Chandigarh city in the state of
Punjab, India and I lived there until I completed my graduation in
2014. I did my graduation in Electronics and Communication and I have
a Bachelor's degree.

When I was a teenager, I got to know that I am mostly good at thinking
of new ideas about movies and series, whenever I am in a situation. I
have been doing this with my friends since I was a teenager. So, I
came to know that I am only good in that part and electronics was just
to get over with studies. I started writing late and saving everything
as a draft in my phone. I am good at putting my own ideas in a
previously written script or story. I do deep analysis about what the
audience likes and wants to see in a movie or series so I like to
alter scripts and ideas accordingly. Also, I observe people around me,
how they behave, their nature, character etc and try to fit them as
characters for a particular role and then I like to let them know
about that role which will be suitable for them naturally without much
effort, while performing that role myself to make it clear to them.
Also with different situations happening around me, I can think of an
episode that I can use in my sitcom. It's all natural in me and that's
my nature too behaving as a director. I would like to keep on trying
for my goal cause that's what I'm good at.

I started watching English movies and series when I was like 19 and
then I realized Bollywood movies are mostly influenced by Hollywood
and they make mostly the same kind of movies with not much creativity.
When I watched some of the English movies and series, I was shocked to
know that I also used to think the same way. How could movies be made
on the same concepts? Then I realized that Hollywood and I have a

I also had an open minded nature. So, one of my friends suggested to
me that I should leave India and go to a foreign country because I was
not meant for India. I started exploring about abroad countries'
cultures and Hollywood and decided to come to Canada.

I first wanted to have my Permanent Residency in Canada so that I can
relax my mind and then concentrate on my career. PR was like freedom
for me. So, I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Electronics in Canada and
got a field job in electronics and finally got my PR.

While studying Electronics I did GNED 224 course: The show must go on:
Theater studies with Ilana Lucas for one semester in Centennial
College, I got a chance to write critic reviews after watching live
theater in downtown, then I wrote a monologue about myself, acted in a
role, studied Kim’s convenience as part of assignments, and got “A” in
the course. I really enjoyed it which boosted me and I was more sure
that I am meant for this career.

I am futuristic and very practical by nature. I love travelling and
exploring new places. I enjoy going to events happening in Toronto
over the weekends. I also love playing games. I love variation in
life, otherwise I get bored very easily. I always try out new and
adventurous things, but I don’t become habitual to anything. I also
have a random nature which keeps on changing depending on my mood,
which is good as I can think of different characters like this. Also
I'm a deep thinker and repeating the same stuff with different ideas,
i always invent something new out of everything. That's how I modified
my short film and came out with new concepts in it. After I did my
first short film, all the things I needed to do in order to finish my
short film, I enjoyed them and that made me more focussed on my career
for films. I am into perfection, and I require a lot of variation in
my life otherwise I get bored easily.

Life in Canada was exactly what I expected before coming here. There
is independence, a lot of adventure and events that I always enjoy.

I never wanted to get married before, but some things are beyond your
control. I discussed my short film with some friends and my wife. My
wife also gave me some ideas and I modified every information to make
something unique in my short film. My wife is mostly into fantasy and
animation genres which I wasn't much aware of before meeting her and I
too started watching that genre. Personally I prefer to watch
everything depending on my mood. I met people through facebook groups
and they gave me direction into how to start my journey in my career.
Even though I had a similar thinking, those people I met gave me the
right path to start up. They were directors and writers. So I decided
to start by myself instead of studying in a college/university. They
told me that they too started like this. No doubt college is helpful.
But you can start by yourself. Talent and networking both matters in
this field. I also believe that an intelligent person will do what he
loves the most, but a genius will do just what is needed. So, one
short film is enough to reach Hollywood. That's what I believe and
hope from my short film.

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Director Statement

Only Bhagavat Gita matters. Talent and networking both matters in this field. I also believe that an intelligent person will do what he loves the most, but a genius will do just what is needed. So, one short film is enough to reach Hollywood. That's what I believe and hope from my short film.