This is the first of its kind Kingdom Smartphone Film Festival for Christian filmmakers. There is no fee to enter the competition.
This is a competition of short films fully shot on any brand of smartphone.

Selection results will be announced by the end of September 2022 on the official festival website.

Here are the Rules for the Competition.

Your short film must be shot on a smartphone. Any equipment can be used for editing.

All films must be shot with a smartphone. There is no limitation on brands of smartphones.

Any Gospel movies genre of film will be accepted.

The film must be 5-40 minutes or under. No exceptions. Running time includes end credits.

The film must be a MOV or MP4 file, under 2Gigabytes.

The film must have been produced after April 1, 2020.

Works in progress will NOT be accepted.

English subtitles are required for submissions with languages other than English.