In the Name of the Father

Set in inner city Philadelphia during the late 80’s, an eccentric, autistic young boy named Michael is forced to grow up and face the harsh realities of life, when his father is sentenced to death. Michael is taken in by a local catholic school, Saint Agnes, and develops a close relationship with the schools priest. When this Priest, Michael’s trusted mentor and confidant, violates his sacred trust, this violation causes Michael’s thoughts of what is right and wrong to be forever altered. Michael as an adult returns to the school as a janitor. He is given the opportunity to confront the very priest that violated him, in an effort to stop the cycle of abuse. The maniacal and persuasive priest, Father James Bernard, takes advantage of the disadvantaged boys in his stead. Protected by the church, due to his high ranking status as a Archbishop in his Dioceses. This Priest appears untouchable. A mastermind of cajolery and intimidation he uses his priesthood as his shield. Michael in the end faces the school and justice system, that turns on him and attempts to convince others that the crimes committed by the Priest are in fact Michael's doing.

  • Alisa Murray
  • Kendrix Lamaz Brown
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    Drama, Suspense
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Alisa Murray, Kendrix Lamaz Brown

Alisa Murray is a actress and writer based in Los Angeles; she's originally from Philadelphia known as 'The City of Brotherly Love'. Her recent indie film credits include: The Education of a Negro, I am Homicide, Living for the Sacrifice, and The Substitute and Scratch. Alisa has performed in New York City on stage in Off-Broadway shows that include 10 Ways on a Gun & Nola and The Girls of Summer (NAACP Award Winning Play directed by Layon Gray). In 2017. she had her Los Angeles theater debut at The Stella Adler Theater in the world premiere of the new stage play, The Daughters of Kush by: George Corbin; in which reviewers described her performance as..."Alisa Murray is a poignant Rhonda.", a story about a Caucasian college girl desiring to pledge a historically African American sorority in 1963 - (*reviewer: Morna Murphy Martell, Theaterspokenhere.blogspot). In addition, she recently performed in Towne Street Theater's 2018 Ten Minute Play Festival in the festival winner Sabrina's Christenings and In Response: Year of the Woman portraying multiple characters. She also performed in the 2018 Vision's Theater Festival in Low Down Country. Alisa trained in New York City with reputable various acting instructors and continues to further develop her craft in Los Angeles. Alisa is also a WGA registered screen writer for the following features; Trapped, In the Name of the Father and a comedic pilot based on her arrival in Los Angeles called, Coasting.

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I live to tell a complex story.