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Interstate 40

Eris Nix, a twenty something Black American woman truck driver, takes a contract to drive a secret load from Memphis to LA. Eris, suspicious, is loath to take it on but Jessie, the contractor, offers her a huge bonus that would accelerate her plans to move to her dream house.
Checking the rig, she challenges a pixie-looking guy, hanging around who gives the impression he knows what she’s carrying. Thinking him a saboteur she goes to confront him, but he disappears.
Her boyfriend, Phil, rings. He’s still in her house and has found letters sent from Eris’s birth mother who abandoned her. Phil tells her she should see her mother when she makes her detour. Eris asks him how he knows about her route.
Suddenly a red Chevy swerves in front of her and then brakes hard but Eris maintains control. The Chevy crawls in front and as Eris overtakes is amazed to see a young blonde driving. She throws insults but the blonde waves and speeds away.
At lunch the waitress sees her livery and tells her, Mitch, a fellow trucker, drove one in a month ago. Returning to her cab she sees the blonde and the pixie adjusted their clothes emerging from the back of the restaurant. Jessie is still uncontactable.
Stopping overnight at a bar, Eris knocks out the town bully, Joey, with a pool cue. Then the juke box blares into life and the pixie and the blonde emerge from a booth and start dancing. Eris leaves with the cue, but is prevented from driving off drunk, by a traffic cop who takes her keys. In the morning the cue has gone, and her keys are in the ignition. The cue is lying in some bushes next Joey’s crushed head. Panicking she tries to burn the cue but is disturbed by a local and hides it, but it’s gone when she returns. Catching up with the local she sees the blonde and the pixie, who has the cue, in his car. She attempts to stop them, but the cop appears out of nowhere and forces her to push the other car off road and into a river. The cop drives off.
Convinced she is being set up Eris has to continue as planned but the detour in the Mohave takes her past a mobile home site in Searchlight, where her estranged mother lives. A nurse, who wrote to Eris, brings a reluctant Eris to meet her mother, but her tragic tale leaves Eris cold. As she leaves, she removes the envelope containing her bonus.
Re-fuelling she sees a news report on the murder and discovers the cop has set up roadblock thirty miles east. Taking a deserted road in the Mohave she is pursued by the Chevy with the resurrected Pixie and Blonde and the Cop, only for them to disappear. It starts to storm. Eris, unable to see ahead, ploughs into a figure on the road, Mitch.
In a lightning storm, Eris smashes at the padlock. The doors fly open revealing an empty trailer. Defeated and exhausted, she is mute as the cop arrives and plants the cue in her cab, and replaces Mitch’s wallet with her bonus, twenty-four dollars short, money she left to bury her mother. Eris staggers off into the desert.

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    Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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    United Kingdom
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