International Teen Short Film Festival(ITSFF) is a non-profit cultural exchange program for middle school students co-sponsored by BEIJING CULTURE and Beijing Normal University Experimental High School.

ITSFF enables more students to communicate on a larger platform, not just in school. It encourages and supports students' creative passion and interest in film through more communication, and expands their horizons to learn more creative methods and skills.Drawing attention to the products of an individual in period between secondary school and higher education spent being educated and to increase the self confidence of youth are among our priority aims.

ITSFF is not just a short movie contest but a cinema festival aiming to bring together the young masters. With this film contest open for all directors between the ages 13-19 all around the world, we aim to open a medium where individuals in their period between childhood and youth can participate without limitation of subject, by becoming producing instead of passive consumption and express their ideas through arts.
ITSFF is a motivation project established to enable the youth to have different interaction opportunities, to increase awareness of other cultures from different segments of society, and to reinforce the feeling of understanding of individuals from different principles and social structures supporting young film-makers.The movies from all around the world will be another means to express cultural variety and diversity. By this festival you will both have the opportunity to trade ideas with the youth from around the world and to share ideas with important names of world cinema.

Although the festival is open to films by teens from around the globe, the public screenings take place in Beijing. You do not need to be present at screenings to win an award.

Best International Fiction Short Film
Best International Experimental Short Film
Best International Animation Short Film
Best International Documentary Short Film

In addition, the following categories will be awarded:
Best Producer
Best Director
Best Writer
Best screenplay
Best Actor
Best actress
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Original Score
Best Original Soundtrack

Special mentions
Best Advisor award


Special note: Please upload the video to this website( Vimeo cannot be viewed in China.

1、The festival is only open to filmmakers between the ages of 13 and 19.
2、All genres of film are accepted. Run time of film MUST BE LESS THAN 15 minutes.
3、Entries must have been made in 2018 or more recent; Filmmaker can be older than 19, but work must have been done while a teenager.
4、You need to send the school name, school logo, grade
5、The last deadline for the submission is 15/10/2020.
6、Works that are must be english subtitled.
7、The author must declare to be in possession of all rights for the movie.
8、There is no limit incident to the subject of the movies however the content of films must be suitable for under 18.

Considering the possibility of network restrictions, it is highly recommended to send the following information to the
1. movie
2. Director:
3. Writer/Screenplay:
4. Producer:
5. Music:
6. Cinematographer:
7. Film Editor:
8. Cast:Names of actors and actresses:
9. Year of production:
10. Original title of the film:
11. Country of origin:
12. Synopsis: within 80 to 200 words
13. Filmmaker (biography): 50 to 150 words
14. Director's stills: More than one still
15. Contact Details which must include postal address with telephone number, email address and contact person)