International Screenwriting Competition is a project organized by Nil Production Corporate, and is a part of International Filmmaker Festival of New York, held on NYC from 2012.
ISC will give out 12 monetary awards to encourage screenwriters around the world
This is 8th Edition of ISC and it is a great resource for writers who have either won or been runners-up in their contests.
This contest is about getting your work in front of the film industry.
Winning the contest can open doors with studios, producers, and agencies.

Feature Film:
-Feature Film – $7,000.00
-Feature Film – $5,000.00
-Feature Film – $4,000.00
-Feature Film – $3,000.00
-Feature Film – $2,000.00
-Feature Film – $1,000.00

-Short Film – $5,000.00
-Short Film – $4,000.00
-Short Film – $3,000.00
-Short Film – $2,000.00
-Short Film – $1,000.00
-Short Film – $500.00

All screenwriters can apply with their script of feature film & short film.
All Scripts submitted must be:
-Short: minimum 3 pages.
-Feature: minimum 50 pages.
All Scripts must be in English.
Applicants may submit more than one Script in any chosen category.
All submissions must be accompanied by the appropriate submission fee PER ENTRY.
Scripts must be the original work of the applicant.
Each script must be original, unproduced, and not an adaptation or translation of an existing work.
If a submission involves two or more writers as applicants, the monetary prize and any reimbursements will be divided equally among them and only one Typewriter Award will be provided.
Once an entry payment has been received we cannot provide a refund. If a payment is disputed by an entrant for any reason, the entrant may be subject to any transaction fees or similar amounts incurred by ISC in connection with the dispute.
No revisions or missing pages will be accepted once an entry has been received.
Awards are based solely on the overall merit of entries.
Judges reserve the right not to grant an award.
Online submissions will receive automatically a confirmation email.
We strongly suggest that applicants copyright their materials.
Scripts must be in PDF format.

ISC has no obligation-other than as stated in these rules or on our website) to disclose any of the following information- identities of readers or judges; notes, feedback, or information relating to the submitted material; and details regarding the submission review or selection process.

Winners receiving cash prizes are solely responsible for payment of all applicable local, state, and federal taxes.

For the information about the International Screenwriting Competition, please visit or

Overall Rating
  • Eric Hine

    This has been my favorite festival thus far since it has been the most engaging. I very much appreciated the updates, opportunity for finalists to talk about their project in an online video, excellent level of communication, and receiving my award faster from ISC than with any other awards that I have been honored to receive. Thank you for the opportunity to shine!

    January 2022
  • Leonid Lopatin

    Special thanks to Mrika and her team for a great job done! I wish this competition to become one of the most prestigious competitions in the world!

    January 2022
  • Joe Leone

    Great competition. I would highly recommend. Thank you for recognizing (Short Screenplay) FARM CLUB. It is greatly appreciated!

    January 2022
  • Mark Amador

    It was an honor and humbling to be selected as a finalist for the recent ISC. I appreciate the recognition for my screenplay "Splinter". A very personal story about the history of abuse within a family. I look forward to its continual journey and am grateful to ISC for another building block to it seeing the light of day.

    January 2022
  • It was a great honor for my screenplay Beautiful Sunshine to be chosen as a finalist in the competition. I thank you so much for the great experience of your festival.

    January 2022