The International Kids Film Festival, conceived by LXL Ideas, is the world's largest children's film festival and aims to bring inspiring, meaningful and globally diverse cinema to school students across the world. In it’s second edition in 2018, IKFF travelled to 4000 schools and reached 2 million children across the world, from India to Tanzania, from Pakistan to France, from Kazakhstan to Qatar, from Nepal to Jordan!

IKFF will allow kids to experience the magic of cinema right in their own school! Schools will be able to host IKFF on their own campus, for their students, parents and teachers.

How does it work?

Our specially curated films will be sent to schools that have registered with IKFF, on an online/offline protected platform. So thousands of schools across multiple countries will be able to simultaneously host IKFF for 4 days in November- December 2019.

About the Organiser:

IKFF is conceived and organized by LXL Ideas, leaders in the field of media education in schools in India. LXL Ideas, impacts learning and creates experiences for students, parents and educators. For over two decades, LXL Ideas has been making award-winning films, organising large-impact events, publishing authoritative writing and delivering holistic research & training.

Over the past decade, LXL Ideas has produced over 100 films for children and youth for it's life skills program School Cinema. School Cinema is today being used by 700,000+ students in 4 countries. Awarded with 6 prestigious National Film Awards, School Cinema films have also screened in over 150 film festivals across the world.

Best Live Action - Feature
Best Animation - Feature
Best Documentary - Feature
Best Live Action - Short
Best Animation - Short
Best Documentary - Short

1) Categories:
- Children’s short/ feature – live action
- Children’s short/ feature – animation
- Children’s short/ feature – documentary

2) Short Films with a minimum duration of 1 minute and maximum duration of 40 minutes will be eligible.

3) Feature Films with a minimum duration of 40 minutes will be eligible.

4) Regardless of language, all films with narration/dialogue, even films in English, MUST have English subtitles
(Films is English may originate from different parts of the world, and as the festival will be hosted by schools in different regions, including rural parts of India, it becomes difficult for children to understand different accents of English. Subtitles for all films make the festival more accessible)

5) Only Projects completed after 1 January 2017 will be eligible.

6) Submission Format:
(A) Video Format:
- SD, HD or Full HD formats
- File Extension .mov or .mp4
- Interlacing Progressive
- Acceptable Codecs H.264
- Audio Type Stereo, 48 Khz, 16 or 24 bit (LPCM or AAC)
- Frame Rate 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 59.95, 60
- Aspect Ratio for SD Formats: 4x3 (1.33) or 16x9 (1.78)
- Standard definition video will be scaled to fit a Flat aspect ratio (1.85). 4x3 video will be pillarboxed to fit maximum height unless otherwise requested.
- Aspect Ratio for HD Formats: 16x9 (1.78), "Flat" 1.85, "Scope" 2.35
- High definition video will be scaled to fit a Flat aspect ratio (1.85) with pillarboxing to fit maximum height.
(B) Subtitle specifications:
- All films with dialogue must have inlaid English subtitles.
- If the film does not have inlaid subtitles, a subtitles file must be shared - preferably in .srt format

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your film for IKFF, you will be consenting to the following:
• The film will be used as part of IKFF’s programme which will be sent to schools either on a time sensitive protected online platform or an encrypted content delivery device.
• The supporting materials of the film will be used in promotional activities for the festival.
• Parts of the film can be also be used for promotional activities for the festival.
• The festival may request the filmmaker to provide a subtitle-free version of the film along with a time-coded dialogue sheet in English. Due to the wide reach of the Festival, the IKFF team may need to subtitle the film in French, Russian and Arabic.

Overall Rating

    Great idea for a festival! hope it continues to grow and gets more publicity

    December 2019