The International Film Festival «Catharsis» will be held from 10 to 19 December at more than 15 venues (cultural centers, film clubs and libraries) in several Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Penza, Vladimir, Novosibirsk, Pskov, Vladivostok and others.

The festival contributes to the strength of morality in the audience. The tasks of the film festivals are also to support of the cinematographers and the popularization of cinematography in the regions.

Every film, videoclip or public service announcement that is chosen will be shown at several venues. The festival accepts films of any genre. There will be separate programs for films on human rights, films for children and screenings, films for up to 120 seconds. We also accept Music Videos, public service announcements, and posters.

The Festival is in place to raise funds for the feature film «The Power of Goodness» and other films by the «Catharsis» film company. Part of the funds will cover organizational expenses and some money will be sent to charitable funds for sick children.

Best Feature films
Best Short films
Best Documentary films
Best Films about human rights
Best Films for children
Best Adaptations
Best Animation films
Best Music Video
Best Public service announcement
Best Films and videos up to 120 seconds
Best Trailer/Teaser
Best Posters

The winners of the festival will receive trophies, laurels, certificates and valuable prizes from partners and sponsors of the festival.

The winners of the Catharsis Film Festival will receive a gift of video courses by Neil Landau and Mark Travis worth a total of $ 200 from the partner of the Mitta film School.

There will be several awards in each category, as well as additional special awards.

Accepted Feature films (any themes and genres) from 60 minutes, short films (any themes and genres) to 40 minutes. In other categories (except for films up to 150 seconds), films and public service announcements of any duration are accepted. The film can be from any year of production.

The Festival is open to filmmakers from all over the world.

You can submit as many films as you wish.

We accept films produced any year.
We accept films already released in internet, we understand filmmakers need to promote their work.
Submission fee won’t be refunded if you decide to withdraw your film from the festival whether your film is selected or not.

Films not in Russian are accepted with English subtitles. Russian films are allowed without subtitles.

You can only send an application for entry through the platform

All rights (including music, scripts and other) must be reserved. The creators of the film are fully responsible for the observance of rights.
By sending an application you give consent to allow us to process your data and show your work for non-commercial purposes as part of the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Vikhyat Srivastava

    Hi, This is Vikhyat Srivastava, Writer | Director | Producer for Muskaan 

    We As a Team are Really Thankful To The International Film and Video Festival «Catharsis» for the Honours 

    It was Indeed a Great Pleasure To Have Had Been Associated with the Festival

    Lots of Love 
    Team Muskaan 

    May 2021
  • Great festival with amazing communication and a great list of wonderful selected movies!

    March 2021
  • Jing Zhai

    Great fest, thank you so much dear

    February 2021
  • Excellent, Good Communication, Satisfactory Results

    January 2021
  • Thank you so much "Catharsis". It was a real pleasure to reach your audience with our film "The Lifebelt", and a much greater pleasure to advance to the Semi-Finals. Best wishes for all your Festival workers and your participants!

    January 2021