International Film Festival ZOOM - ZBLIŻENIA is a significant and important cultural event - part of a small group of the biggest, and most important festivals of that type in Poland. Jelenia Góra plays a significant role as far as Polish independent film scene is concerned. Every year the event features more prominent pictures and hosts authors from Poland and abroad.

The purpose of the festival is to present different cultures, film language, exchange of ideas, as well as presentation and promotion of independent film art.

The Local Community Centre (Osiedlowy Dom Kultury) in Jelenia Góra, is the official organizers of this remarkable, promoting independent film making event.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to directors, film makers, and producers of presented films from all over the country and abroad. We have the pleasure to inform you that the festival will host professional and international Jury, as well as other well-known representatives of the film and media industry. The oversight over the festival is held by some major national media; from where we also notice a growing interest in the event and consequently its participants.

The event will feature festival screening and special film shows, there will also be numerous panel discussions, as well as open to the audience Jury debates, and meetings with filmmakers. There will also be other events accompanying the festival.

Because the main aim of the festival is presentation of the filmmakers' accomplishments, coupled with any new trends and ideas in the independent movie making scene, the character of the festival makes room for variety of forms. There are no restrictions on themes and topics.

Within the 20. IFF “ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA” 2017, two separate sections will be held: International main contest and International video-art contest for short video-art to 15 minutes

The jury will award:
Main prize for best video-art
commendations and special prizes.

1. International video - art contest will be held from 22 to 25 February 2017 in Jelenia Góra, Poland.
2. The main idea of the festival is the presentation of auteur and ambitious cinema, with a high artistic value, taking independent and original themes.
3. Submited films should be made in 2015 – 2016.
4. The duration of a registered film cannot exceed 15 minutes.
5. One movie can be submitted only to one of the Festival competition (main contest or video-art contest). The film submitted to both competitions will be disqualified.
6. Art schools, film schools, production companies, film institutions, independent artists and other entitled may submit films to the competition.
7. Films for the selection can be registered:
a/ by post - on DVD (DVD or mp4 format). DVD must have a clear description - the names of filmmakers, film title, duration, the category in which the film is registered.
b/ online – by sending a public or private (with or without password) link to the video (eg. Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) with unlimited access time to the following address:
8. Entrant to the competition is obliged to send the online registration form available on the website (bookmark: video-art contest-submission form).
9. Films without a submitted online registration form will be rejected due the formal reasons. The deadline for the submission is 30.09.2016. Film will be submitted to the competition when organizer receive registration form and the film sent by post or link to the movie.
10. Films for the selection can be registered as well through the FilmFreeway platform ( and click .Then they do not require registration form from the
11. The festival does not charge a fee for submitting a film. Applicant covers the cost of sending copies of the film to the selection. Selection copies will not be returned.
12. Films must be sent to the following address:
Osiedlowy Dom Kultury,
ul. K. Trzcińskiego 12,
58-506 Jelenia Góra,
no later than by 30 September 2016 (the stamp date will decide)
13. All non-Polish films (except films made in English language) must include English subtitles.
14. Authors of films in Polish are requested to send a copy with English subtitles (if possible).
15. The selection of films submitted to contest will be made by Jury established by the organizer whose decisions are irrevocable.
16. The contestants will be informed about the results of qualification on the Festival’s official website by 16 January 2017.
17. The organizer is not obliged to give explanations about the subject of qualification.
18. The authors of films qualified to the competition are obliged to send 3 film shots (resolution 300 dpi) to the address: by 23 January 2017.
19. In case of the projection of contest film from a different data carrier than the one sent for selection and in case of film submitted through the or click the author is obliged to send the copy for projection to the festival office no later than by 31 January 2017 (the receipt date will decide). In case the failure to meet the deadline contest films will be projected from the selection copy. In case of lack of the selection copy (for example in case of submitting film through film will be striked off from the list of films qualified to the competition.
20. Films qualified to the main contest can be projected in the following formats: DVD, blu-ray, or mp4 HD. Projection in other formats needs an earlier agreement with the organizers.
21. Organizers do not cover any transport costs or custom duties due to deliverance or sending back films’ copies submitted for selection and films’ copies for the contest projections.
22. Films submitted for selection remain in the organizers archive making up the festival archive.
23. The films qualified to the main competition will be evaluated by independent, professional Jury established by the organizer.
24. The official ending of the festival, announcement of com results will take place on 25 February 2017 (Saturday evening). The awarded film presentation will take place on 26 February 2017. (the detailed programme of the event will be available on the festival website).
25. The organizers do not take responsibility for possible loss or damage of the films, caused by independent factors.
26. Participation in the Competition is free of charge.
27. Films made by the Jury members, commercial films, series, trailers and video clips cannot be submitted to the Competition.
1. The jury will award the Main prize for best video-art and commendations and special prizes.
2. The Jury and the organizer have the right to change the division of the prizes or not to give any.
3. Prizes should be collected personally during the formal ending of the Festival.
4. The author can delegate a person representing him/her. The notice as well as an application card should be sent to the organizer at least one week before the Festival.
5. Uncollected prizes will be passed on to the next edition of the Festival.
6. The financial prizes will be presented in cash or sent to the author’s bank account.
7. The taxes will be deducted from the prizes according to the Polish Law.
Sylwia Motyl-Cinkowska - has a deciding say about contentious issues not included in the Festival’s rules, also regulations or issues requiring additional attention.
Phone/fax: +48 75 75 31 831, +48 75 75 410 90, e-mail:
Osiedlowy Dom Kultury,
K. Trzcińskiego 12,
58-506 Jelenia Góra,
phone/fax: +48 75 75 31 831, +48 75 75 410 90
1. During the competition (22 – 26.02.2017) hotel (double rooms), full board and participation costs in the Festival events for 2 people from each group, whose film has been accepted, will be covered by the organizer.
2. The will of participation in the Festival ought to be confirmed by e-mail after announcement list of films qualified for the competition, no later than 1 February 2017. Lack of confirmation will be taken as withdrawal from personal presence in the Festival.
3. Arrival costs are covered by the film authors.
1. The film copyrights should in no way be restricted, violate any third party’s copy rights or other privileges. Should this condition not be met, the participants are obliged to attach to the Festival application a written statement explaining the legal status of his work.
2. By submitting the film, the author agrees to show it to public and free of charge, within the Festival screenings.
3. The organizers have the right to copy the competition films. The applicants are required to sign a statement that allows the organizers to screen either the whole or parts of the film on TV and at public special shows promoting the Festival.
4. The organizer has the right to use the submitted materials for the Festival’s promotional actions. The author agrees that the information about the film will be published on the Festival’s website, in official printings and that fragments of the film will be used to make promotional, audiovisual materials about the Festival.
5. Organizers act in a good faith and are not responsible for concealment of any information that refers to the legal situation of the submitted film. In case of any claims about third parties’ rights, the participant bears responsibility of legal action and covers all its expenses.
6. The participants bear full responsibility for the data given in the application form. Giving false, illegible or incomplete personal information or lack of it results in rejection from the Festival.
7. The organizer does not bear responsibility for giving false personal information or information about the third party. Such action results in nullifying the right for the prize.
8. Submitting films is equivalent to the participant’s statement that he/she owns unrestricted personal and financial rights to the films and that he takes whole responsibility for breaking those rights.
9. Incase of any claim on the organizer by third parties, resulting from breaking the copyright or personal goods of the third parties involved in the use of the submitted materials, the Participant covers the costs and pays damages connected with the claim of those people.
10. The participant is obliged to get acquainted with the Competition Rules and regulations.