Filem'on is a filmfestival for children from 2 to 15 years old in 7 different venues in Brussels and Ghent, Belgium, during 10 days in Autumn. Yearly, Filem'on selects about 140 films from all over the world, based on the festival's mission to offer its young audience films that cannot be found in mainstream cinemas. To inspire and connect professionals in the childrenfilm industry, Filem'on organizes an international Exchange conference during the festival.

Filem'on is a member of ECFA and a partner for several film initiatives, such as the YAA.

Filem'On works with a national and international children's jury, composed of teenagers from divers backgrounds. The jury rewards the winning films with a Bella Brussella price.
The ECFA Award price is distributed by professionals, all members of ECFA Association. There are roughly 20 features and 50 short films in competition.

These are the awards :
-The Best of features for Teens (13+) - Filem'On Award
Awarded by a national and international teenage jury
-The Best of features for Kids - Filem'On Award en Mundi/CIFEJ Award
These awards are distributed by a kids jury as well as a professional jury.
-The best of TV - judged by a professional jury.
- The best of European shorts for kids and teens - ECFA Short Film Award
- The best of European docs for kids and teens - ECFA DOCUMENTARY Award

Guidelines for the selection process:
- Technical information about the film is needed :
- A synopsis has to be provided: For feature films 400 signs. For short films 120 signs.
- A high quality still of the film has to be provided: JPEG 300dpi.
- A trailer of the film in mp4 format is a plus.
- To take part in the competition, your film has to have its premiere in Belgium..
Filem'On is an national filmfestival in the Flemish and French region, supported by Creative Europe Media.

Screeningsfees :
The filmmaker, producer or distribution company receives no screeningsfee from Filem'On for films selected for competition.

- Feature film in competition: "kids & "Teens" One representative (ifrom Europe) will be offered three nights accommodation and free accreditation for all screenings, conferences and masterclasses. Travel costs of European guests are payed back by the organisation..
Translations/subtitles into Dutch and/or French will be delivered in exchange. if no European reprensentative of the film exist."

- Feature films in competition "Mundi" all translations/subtitles into Dutch and/or French will be delivered in exchange. If it is a coproduction with an European country, Travel costs of the European producer or director can also payed back by the organization. Translations/subtitles into Dutch and/or French will be delivered in exchange.

- Short films in competition: One representative will be offered 3 nights of accommodation and free accreditation for all screenings. Travel costs are not covered.

All cost of inbound and outbound shippings of the DCP are covered by us, unless it goes to another Festival; in such case we pay one way.
Our fed ex account is used .

Screening-formats :
Short Film files need to be send digitally in high quality H264/mp4 format (1920x1080p).
Feature films can be admitted in DCP format, as Apple ProRes (422 HQ) file or as a Blu Ray disc. To deliver your film, you can use our FedEx Shipment service or FTP server.
All films need to be provided with English subtitles and a srt timecode file.

Overall Rating
  • It was an absolute pleasure to have clients screen here, a great festival with brilliant line-up as well as good communication. We will definitely submit clients here again!

    December 2017
  • Thiago Montelli

    Everything is great. Great hotel, the team is excelent and the exibicion rooms are near and easy to go.

    November 2017
  • Couldn't make it personally since airfare was super expensive, but did get a pleasant and generous accommodation offer. That is wonderful and very validating for indie filmmakers to receive. The schedule seemed like there was tons of cool events and screenings, including the musical scoring event that involved my short animation. I hope there's a link to that event so we can find out more about how it went! Send me a program! Thanks Brussels Filem'On! Xoxo

    November 2016