IAFFF, which stands for International Animal Future Film Festival, is a film event that promotes the harmonious coexistence of humans and animals. It is one of the rare film events in the world that explores the theme of animals through visual media. The core of this festival is to explore the relationship between humans and animals through the medium of film. The festival showcases the current situation of animal survival, the relationship between humans and animals in the natural world, and even the interesting world of animated animals. We believe that film is an important medium for promoting the vitality of life. It can establish a connection between humans, animals, and the natural world, and influence people's attitudes towards animals, inspiring and changing their ways of thinking.

IAFFF's film selection is not limited to specific types of animals, whether they are wildlife, pets, rare species, stray animals, or others. We hope that the themes of the participating films can take a reflective, imaginative, celebratory, or even an unexplored concept approach to present the core concept of this film festival: the relationship between humans and animals that deserves attention and exploration.

Our goal is to discover more excellent animal films, and encourage creation and broad exposure, so that creators can step onto a broader international stage and be appreciated by audiences from all over the world. At the same time, we are committed to turning IAFFF into an opportunity to build a multidimensional platform that integrates film viewing, education, and sharing. Through the website and community maintenance, immersive offline film festivals, and events such as talks by film or animal professionals, we aim to establish a close and continuous connection throughout the year.

IAFFF was established to standardize animal filming practices in the film industry and to promote an understanding of how humans can live in harmony with animals. We are committed to creating a community that explores the future possibilities of this topic together.

Jury Award
Audience Award
Animal Future Award
Best Short Film Award
Best Storytelling Award

* All award-winning films will also be able to receive sponsored consultation sessions for their future animal filmmaking from the IAFFF expert team. For more details, please check the IAFFF.CO website about our expert team.

1. There are no restrictions on the type of filming equipment used for the submitted films.
2. IAFFF welcomes all types of films, including feature films, animations, documentaries, experimental films, and essay films. However, we do not accept commercial or branded promotional videos or VLOG-style videos.
3. Films longer than 60 minutes should be submitted to the "Feature Film" category, while films shorter than 40 minutes should be submitted to the "Short Film" category.
4. All films must have English subtitles (or be bilingual). Please contact the IAFFF support team via email if assistance is needed.
5. Films must have been produced between January 1st, 2018 and May 20th, 2023.
6. Films must be original works of the submitter. IAFFF will report and penalize any violations discovered during the review process.
7. The copyright holder of the selected film must sign the "Agreement on the Rights and Obligations of the Organizer and the Applicant" with the IAFFF before the deadline to proceed with the screening approval process. IAFFF has attached the text version of this document under the “Rules and Terms” of this submission through Film Freeway. By submitting your film through Film Freeway, you are agreeing to sign the following agreement We will contact the selected parties to sign this formal document after the film has been selected.
8. The preview link cannot be changed, and the password must remain valid until June 9th, 2023. If it is necessary to change the link or password before the deadline, please inform the festival by email with the new screening link.
9. Please indicate whether the film submitted is the final version.
10. We will be contacting the selected films to go through a legal process of film classification verification by the Tower Hamlet council for offline screening in the UK. The IAFFF curation team will be able to assist with the application process; however, we will not be able to cover the fee charged for this process as it is required by law in the UK. (Exception accepted with an additional application, please contact IAFFF team.)

“【Agreement on the Rights and Obligations of the Organizer and the Applicant】

I have read the entry procedures and rules of the International Animal Future Film Festival, and I agree to abide by these rules. I acknowledge and agree that all information provided is accurate. The film submitted by me is an original work, and I have been authorized to submit the film and promotional materials to IAFFF. Any copyrighted material contained in the work has been legally approved for use, and IAFFF is not responsible for any copyright infringement caused by public screenings. Furthermore, I agree to bear the costs associated with obtaining any necessary screening permits for the film (such as the British offline screening classification review), as well as any losses incurred due to personal reasons resulting in delayed approval.

I agree that if my film is selected, IAFFF has the right to screen it at the IAFFF film festival and corresponding promotional events from July 1, 2023, to March 1, 2024.

I agree that IAFFF has the right to use the film for promotional materials (such as festival trailers) and to publish selected promotional materials, such as film stills, in any or all publications to promote IAFFF. I hereby guarantee that IAFFF will not be harmed and release myself or others from any claims regarding the use of promotional materials and public screenings of the film.”