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Internal chaos

The condom

Baby Dante explains the glorious moment when his parents Dominique and Jamal met, down to the tragic night of his death.

Copper rings

Marie and Tyler are a happily married couple in the public eye, but behind closed doors, one of them believes they can get away with infidelity, not knowing a murder is being hatched.


A lot of people have been anticipating the live battle of the sexiest between Deion and Cathy to finally determine who the superior gender is. 

Eve's apple

Jermaine is a drug-dealer seeking revenge when he finds out his girlfriend Cassandra was attacked by his rival, Mel. 

The same sided coin

Sophia is a young escort telling the ups and downs of the business.

Premonition of life

In an empty church, Corteze recalls the choices he made in life before facing his own death.

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