Higher Learning has hit a new low.

INSTITUTE is a brutally fresh and playfully offensive comedy about working at a university. There will be no blowhard stories of professors trying to do right in a world gone wrong. There will be no stories about students finding their voice as they strongly forge ahead into adulthood. No, none of that bullshit. This is about the employees and the administration, the temps and the has-beens, and how they traverse the follies and foibles in a highly sensitive and highly competitive workplace we call The INSTITUTE.

  • Douglas Purdy
    Serpents in the Cold, We Were Kings
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Douglas Purdy

Douglas Graham Purdy grew up in the Boston area. He has co-authored two crime novels with Thomas O’Malley, Serpents in the Cold & We Were Kings (Mulholland Books, Little Brown, US & Mulholland Books UK, Le Masque & 10/18 France). His current novel, Scumbag, is a contemporary crime comedy. He has also written a sitcom pilot set in academia, a horror series script, The Transfer, and is currently working on a feature-length screenplay, CuddleTown, for his company, Bearded Muse Laboratories.

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