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Inner voice

Effortless is waiting to go on stage to perform his number one single with a confidence beyond his wildest dreams because he fulfilled his goal, but the voice of his dead friend Denzel is trying to give him second thoughts, saying he shouldn’t rap about what he doesn’t display in real life. Effortless has a debate with his conscience, which is Denzel’s voice, and in the end, he tells Denzel the life he lives is real and as long as he’s number one, it doesn’t matter what he thinks or how he reached the top.

When Effortless goes out to perform, Denzel’s voice asks him one last time to rap about who he truly is, and again, Effortless brushes him off. When Effortless begins rapping, he thinks he’s rapping his song, but in reality, he’s spilling the truth about how he got his best friend Denzel murdered and then stole his songs and beats to reach the top.

The fans boo him and start throwing chairs at him, causing Effortless to run off stage confused. Backstage, he finds his girlfriend under arrest, at the same moment the police place him under arrest. He’s confused about the situation, and that’s when Denzel starts talking to him. Because Effortless begins talking to himself the police hurry up to place him in the county jail.

While he’s in lockup, Effortless is writing a song of his own, but Denzel’s voice is still plaguing him. No longer able to take the words Denzel is saying, Effortless takes two pencils and jabs them deep into his ear holes, falling to the floor dead. Before the movie comes to an end, we see the song he was writing is an apology to Denzel.

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