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In love we trust

On 17 January 2023, Martina was killed by a gunshot fired by her ex-partner outside a busy restaurant in Rome, after what was supposed to be a clarification meeting. The cruel event inspired the reconstruction of the moments before the shooting: what happened that night?

The point of view is the one of Niccolò, the waiter at the restaurant where the couple dined, and who represents all of us: Niccolò is neither good nor bad, neither victim nor executioner, he is simply a person absorbed in his own life who, as often happens, realises too late that he has contributed with his own dose of ingenuous individualism to a tragic fate. Because, after all, we are all the protagonists of our own lives and secondary characters in the lives of others.

'In love we trust' is a reflection on the inherent indifference of human beings and on the nature of love that leads one to the question: what would I have done if I had been there?

In 2022, in Italy, every three days a woman was killed by a man: a husband, an ex-partner, a father, a jealous man...
Gender violence must be fought. So let's raise our heads and look around: indifference kills.

  • Enrica Accascina
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    In love we trust
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Enrica Accascina

Romana, classe 1995, un'innata passione per le storie e tanta voglia di raccontarle.

Una laurea in economia, una magistrale in marketing e un anno e mezzo in un'agenzia di comunicazione non sono bastati a distogliermi dall'unico vero obiettivo della mia vita: scrivere.

Così, dopo un corso alla scuola Holden, un master alla Writing School for Cinema and Television della LUISS Business school, diversi seminari di scrittura creativa con Roberto Cotroneo e Franco Bernini, ho iniziato il mio percorso nel cinema.
Ad oggi ho terminato un'esperienza lavorativa nel reparto editoriale di The Apartment, ideato e sceneggiato il pilot di una serie diretta da Niccolò Falsetti e lavorando ad altri progetti in divenire.

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