The film is divided into three chapters of Introduction, Development and Conclusion
Zeynep (30-35) is walking in one of the crowded streets of Ankara. A gunshot is heard after walking
for a while and Zeynep was shot with a mysterious bullet. Zeynep falls down. However, people
around the scene of crime ignore Zeynep's body lying on the ground. The introduction chapter ends
in such blindness and carelessness.
Zeynep continues to lie where she had fallen. People around the scene continue to ignore Zeynep’s
body. The development chapter ends.
Zeynep remains lifeless in the same place. People continue to pass by Zeynep’s body. Finally, the
camera, which was recording the movie and was standing still, starts to move slowly towards Zeynep.
The camera reveals to be the point of view of a stranger human. After the camera’s view had
approached to Zeynep, another gunshot is heard. Movement of the camera slows down and falls to
the ground, next to Zeynep. The image becomes blurry and then fades into black.

  • Seyfi Doğan
  • Seyfi Doğan
  • Seyfi Doğan
  • Yeliz Şahin Özyurt
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 10 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 15, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    50 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Seyfi Doğan

I was born in 1994 in Mersin. I completed my primary and secondary education in Mersin Rıfat Aygün
School and high school education in Mersin Çağdaşkent High School. I settled in Ankara in 2014 to
study in Ankara University. Currently, I’m in my senior year in Radio, Television and Cinema
Department in Communication Faculty.
After having a 3-month training from March to June 2019 in the movie workshop of Çankaya
Municipality, I got a certificate for movie development. Then, I wrote and directed my first
shortmovie in 2019, which is called “Kayıtsız”.

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Director Statement

Women's murders have no single perpetrator and are not unknown. The historicity of the last action by the Man who kills what you mean here removes the event from individuality and adds sociality to these murders. The socially determined thoughts, behaviors, moral and legal patterns or norms have integrated us into a male-dominated social system. The male-dominated social system reproduces gender inequality and places the female identity below the male identity. Right here the subject of our film begins to form. In the film, a complete indifference and insensitivity, which made them dead, was ignored. The real responsibility for women's murders is this insensitivity and ignorance. We live in a social system where everyone (Men) knows what is happening but ignores it. From this point of view, we divided the film into a classical narrative narrative genre, divided into three parts as the introduction, the previous and consequently, the social insensitivity into the classical. But here in a colorful place right at the beginning of more movies, did you know where it was lifeless? Our aim here is to make the audience feel the recognition that the result is everyone and alienate the film. Shot as a result of an unclear where the female character comes from is a reference to join the social norms. In the film, we used two male characters and the rosary figure, which is used by men, to explain the insensitivity to the murder of women. In these plans, we noticed that they had murdered women and wanted to ignore them and resume their lives. We wanted to tell that the female body was besieged with masculinity by placing the shot body that it was in the rosary plan into the rosary. In the film, the areas we use in black and white symbolize social blindness. Complaining to the woman who was viewing and receiving results from the entrance and update sections, shooting the outside camera was considered to be the price of interview, not knowing help and being late.
The color of the image after the subjective camera was shot represents the passing of the social blindness mentioned above and the opening of the eye.

Finally, the film Indifferent analyzes the murders of women and describes the current social situation in an experimental narrative.