Welcome to the seventh season of Indie World Film Festival!
Indie World Film Festival is a yearly film festival with live screenings in Malta. The first 6 seasons were held as a monthly film festival. But from the 7th season onwards, it is decided to conduct as a yearly film festival. It focuses on celebrating Film Makers and Creators around the world, who take a risk and do experiments in Film Making. Each year, we hold a screening for our hand-selected jury members, made up of industry personnel and film fans, where we showcase some of that year's nominated films. After the screening is over, the jury members vote to decide the winners. Screenings are a jury-member only event, and are not open to the general public.

Award winners be announced on the event date via our website and social media.

☞ All Films accepted in the Official Selection will be given a benefits pack worth up to $324:

🏅 The winners and selected films will be awarded with official laurels and digital certificates!

🏅 Selected films will be advertised throughout our social media.

🏅 Each selected film will receive special discounts on our next edition. (Save up to $70)

🏅 Each selected film will receive special discounts on our partner festivals. (Save up to $224)

🏅 Each selected film will receive a special interview with the producer/director/actor/writer (or any other crew member). (On indieworldfilmnews.wordpress.com) (Save up to $30)

🏅 Each selected film will receive special discounts on our partner festivals. (Save up to $224)

🏅 All selected films will be mentioned in our press release.

Other benefits will be announced later!

🏆 Best Feature Film
🏆 Best Short Film
🏆 Best Documentary Film
🏆 Best Director
🏆 Best Producer
🏆 Best Actor
🏆 Best Actor in Short Film
🏆 Best Actress
🏆 Best Actress in Short Film
🏆 Best Cinematographer
🏆 Best Editor
🏆 Best Original Score
🏆 Best Art Director
🏆 Best Visual Effects
🏆 Best Makeup
🏆 Best Trailer/Teaser
🏆 Best Poster

More award categories may be added on the event date.

Feature Films (Over 40 min)
• Short Films (Up to 40 min)
• Documentary (Feature/Short)

A) Eligibility Requirements
1. We accept films of all genres.
2. Short feature films that are available for public online viewing are eligible
3. No any entry fee.
4. Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted.
5. The films should have subtitles in English. Dialogue lists are not accepted.

B) Permission
All entries selected, grant Indie World Film Festival the right to use any footage from the preview screener and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials set to us pertaining to this entry for Indie World Film Festival's promotional purposes, without limitations.

Overall Rating
  • hello, a big thank you from the whole team for all the prizes that have been awarded for the film Sous-Tension, we are really very very happy and honored. See you soon for the next movie. Mireille Fievet. Very artistically yours

    July 2022

    Brilliant Team and Great Festival

    July 2022
  • Ashim F. Hazarika

    Very nice Indie world film festival.

    July 2022
  • GoGlow Production

    Despite from being new to the festival industry, it is still highly recommendable for they're very interactive and provides so many options for winners on and after the result has been decided. Kudos to the team. Keep creating seasons for all deserving filmmakers. Thank you.

    July 2022
  • Sergio Bauza Jr.

    Loved loved indie world such an amazing festival!!!

    July 2022