a region in the Americas comprising countries or territories where Spanish or Portuguese is the predominant language, usually former territories of Spain or Portugal.

INDIE PASION is an Ibero-American Independent Film Festival held in Miami, Florida, that provides a forum for the promotion and exhibition of Ibero-American films. This year, we celebrate our 3rd Annual Festival where we honor the art of young filmmakers, providing perspectives of the rich cultures from across the Ibero-American community. INDIE PASION not only provides Miami audiences the opportunity to watch inspiring films but also to interact with guest filmmakers. The 3rd Annual festival is scheduled for April 4-7, 2019.

INDIE PASION Ibero-American Independent Film Festival seeks to achieve several important goals. Of utmost priority is the screening of the best Ibero-American feature and short films, representing s multiple genres, such as documentaries, narratives, and animation. Secondly, to introduce films that provide the audience with a unique portrayal of the culture of the Ibero-American community. Finally, the opportunity to interact with the filmmakers through panel discussions, direct question and answer periods, and small group discussions, where participants will be able to directly share ideas, insights, reactions, and experiences.

We focus on showing films that are made by Iberoamericans, in Iberoamerica or about Iberoamerica. This year we also have a special day for debut feature films screenings.

This year we have an additional special category for Short films, Habla Miami contest. We want filmmakers to create a piece that shows Miami, its energy, its vibe and the cultures that converge here.
Length for short films: 1 to 6 minutes.

Go ahead, don't miss your chance!
See you in April!

Best Short Film: 1.000$
Best Special Miami Short Film: 1.000$

All entries must have been completed between 2015 and 2018.
The Criteria for submissions include any one or combination of the following;
1) The writer, director, or producer is from Ibero-America or a descendant.
2) Made in Ibero-America or about Ibero-American themes.
3) Starring Ibero-American actors.
4) Subtitles in English.