We are Indie Oaks! (The “Indie” in our name means that we are seeking to unite audiences with independent, promising filmmakers and to promote collaboration among independent filmmakers. The “Oaks” refers to our home: The Oaks Theater in Oakmont, PA — the beautiful, historic, retro-chic movie palace situated on Allegheny River Boulevard — a breezy slice of suburban paradise 20 minutes northeast of Pittsburgh).

Indie Oaks Film Festival is operated by a small group of Pittsburgh creatives and filmmakers looking to support other like-minded people in and around our fair city. If you’d like to feature your short film in this year’s screenings, please join us. You can’t win if you don’t submit! There are so many category awards and cash prizes we're excited to reward.

For tickets & all info, visit theoakstheater.com

★Best Picture, Winner: Indie Oaks Film Festival & $100 Cash Prize*
★Second Place Winner of Indie Oaks Film Festival & $50 Cash Prize*
★Audience Choice Award (chosen by popular vote of attendees)

Indie Oaks winning honors & plaques:
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Cinematography
Best Writing
Best Editing
Best Art Direction

*Winning film director must attend Award Ceremony in person or send pre-approved representative in order to claim cash prize in Pittsburgh, PA.

Eligible films must:
• Have a maximum runtime of 12 minutes.
• Have a fully completed FilmFreeway submission profile including brief synopsis and full list of credits.
• Submitting filmmaker (or film representative) MUST be willing to travel to the festival in Pittsburgh, PA, to be considered.
*Films that are selected will NOT be awarded if a representative is not present on the night of the festival.

INDIE OAKS PROMOTION: Filmmakers accept that stills and synopses of their film may be used for promotional purposes of the festival.

OWNERSHIP/COPYRIGHT: Filmmakers attest that any permission, license or copyright for third-party content needed for inclusion in their film has been legally obtained. Filmmakers agree that they are liable for any copyright infringement and to indemnify and hold harmless us, our officers, affiliates, employees, and partners from any and all claims and liability arising out of entering or transmitting your film to the Indie Oaks Film Festival.

Artistic Merit (story,creativity, entertainment value ) : 40%
Technical Merit : 50%
Awesomeness Factor: 10%

Official Festival Rules & Regulations
The Oaks Theater, The Indie Oaks Film Festival, its producers, affiliates, employees and sponsors shall be referred to herein as The Oaks Theater Indie Oaks Film Festival.

Entries must not exceed 12 minutes in duration including titles and credits.

Entries must be of the independent genre

Films screened at any previous Indie Oaks Film Festival are not eligible for resubmission.

Films entered to previous Indie Oaks Film Festivals, but not selected and screened at said festival, are eligible for resubmission.

Films created at any time are eligible for submissions before the festival deadline, provided they were not screened at any previous Indie Oaks Film Festival and meet all submission criteria.

Submitters must UPLOAD their film to FilmFreeway before the submission deadline.

NO FILMS under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES will be accepted after the submission deadline.

Only final cuts of films are eligible. We will not accept a second copy of your film. Please ensure that your film is complete and final upon submission.

Submissions must include at least one high-resolution still photo with NO overlaid text.

Submissions must include a short synopsis (no more than 4 sentences) of the film.

Additional, but not required, media can include up to a 30 second trailer for your submission.

All materials, including music, images, logos, additional film material, etc., used in your film must be original, or all proper permissions from sources must have been obtained prior to submitting to the festival. The filmmaker is solely and entirely responsible for obtaining all necessary rights, licensing, etc. Filmmaker will be entirely responsible for any damages incurred for failure to obtain all necessary permissions.

The Oaks Theater reserves the right to refuse to screen any submission deemed to be inappropriate. For questions, you can contact us by email at info@theoakstheater.com.

A submission fee is required upon submission.

Under no circumstances will refunds of the submission fee be issued.

Submissions to the festival are currently only accepted through FilmFreeway. Do not send DVDs or copies of your film directly to us, by email or any other means, as they will not be reviewed or deemed official submissions.

All films which meet the festival criteria, submitted by the festival deadline, will be viewed by the festival selection committee.

Submission to the festival grants The Oaks Theater, The Indie Oaks Film Festival and its producers the right to distribute your film to the screening committee for review, and if selected for the festival event, to screen the film publicly at The Oaks Theater.

Evaluations of entries by the festival selection committee are confidential and final.

Only top scoring films will proceed to the screening competition.

Films selected as finalists in The Indie Oaks Film Festival will be screened to the public as part of the festival.

Finalists in The Indie Oaks Film Festival will be notified via email, and the list will posted on our Facebook page prior to the event.

The Oaks Theater Indie Oaks Film Festival cannot be held accountable or liable for changes to the schedule which may be made at any time.

Each film selected as a finalist for the public screening will receive (2) complimentary tickets to the festival. Two tickets are issued per film. All other tickets can be purchased through theoakstheater.com

No refunds will be issued for tickets purchased to the public screening.

An authorized representative of the submitted film must be present at The Indie Oaks Film Festival finalists screening event to receive any prizes, including cash prizes and award trophies.

By submitting to The Haunted Oaks Film Festiva, you give The Oaks Theater Indie Oaks Film Festival permission to use, reproduce and distribute in any format, images, stills, clips,trailers, logos, titles or names associated with your film in connection to the festival, or The Oaks Theater, for the current festival and any subsequent festivals, in media in any form, including but not limited to print, social media, email, TV, radio, or any media not yet created.

Submitters shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Oaks Theater Indie Oaks Film Festival and parent company MTM Productions, INC., its producers, affiliates, employees and sponsors from and against any liabilities, damages and costs arising out of third party claims.

This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

You acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older.
You acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules and regulations, terms and conditions of the event.
You acknowledge that your film meets all submission criteria and that you have all the necessary permissions in order to submit your film.
By submitting you attest that you are authorized to agree to these rules and regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Indie Oaks is one of my favorites. A ton of people from the Pittsburgh film community attend, so it's a great way to see familiar faces and meet new ones. Its an affordable entry fee is definitely worth it. Great people, great fest!

    April 2019
  • Jason Boyer

    Great festival. I totally recommend it

    June 2018
  • Peter Regan

    The venue is wonderful. There is a bar in the back and it was a little weird to hear a drink being mixed during someone's film, but I think people realized that they shouldn't order during a screening so it didn't happen again. Good selection of films.

    June 2018