/səˈlän/ A creative place for artists to gather and share ideas, inspire, create and grow.

The Indie Film Salon Film Festival (IFSFF) is the world’s first festival dedicated to the craft of independent filmmaking designed as a monthly Salon.

Each month, IFSFF will host oneSalon in Hollywood and feature ONE SHORT, ONE FEATURE, and ONE SCREENPLAY. Each Salon will include a screening, a live reading and most importantly, the opportunity to meet and network with filmmakers. In addition, an industry guest will be invited to moderate the Salon, which will be free to all guests (tix are limited).

This event will evolve, like any Salon. Be part of this exciting, innovative new film festival.

Inspire and be inspired.

Salon Feature of the Month
Salon Short of the Month
Salon Screenplay of the Month

Thank you for submitting your film or screenplay (SUBMISSION) to the Indie Film Salon Film Festival (IFSFF). We are excited to review your work.

By submitting your SUBMISSION to IFSFF you agree to the following:

(1) Submitting a SUBMISSION does not guarantee inclusion in the IFSFF, and the selection committee has sole discretion to determine which SUBMISSIONS are selected for participation in the monthly events (SALONS);

(2) If your SUBMISSION is selected for the IFSFF, you will allow IFSFF to use any part of the SUBMISSION for promotional purposes before, during and after the IFSFF, and the right to present your SUBMISSION as part of the IFSFF.

(3) IFSFF does not compensate for any costs associated with the production of the SUBMISSION, or travel costs associated with attending the IFSFF;

(4) IFSFF reserves the right to schedule accepted SUBMISSIONS and to make any changes at any time, and may withdraw any SUBMISSION from the IFSFF at any time for any reason;

(5) All film SUBMISSIONS must be online screeners only. All screenplay SUBMISSIONS must be a format indicated in the submission section and submitted online;

(6) All film SUBMISSIONS that are selected to screen at the IFSFF must be digital. To ensure best quality at the screening, digital versions are best.

(7) Filmmakers and screenwriters are solely responsible to ensure all deadlines are adhered to, and shall hold IFSFF harmless for any delays or technical difficulties whatsoever;

(8) Filmmakers and screenwriters warrant that all work is original and that all rights have been secured;

(9) Filmmakers and screenwriters shall indemnify and hold harmless the IFSFF and all its agents from any claims, liabilities, losses, damages incurred in any way due to any and all claims.

(10) Submissions will be considered for inclusion in at least six (6) SALONS, beginning with the next scheduled SALON provided that the submission is received within 24 hours of the notification date. Notification date is approximately 14 days before the next scheduled SALON. Submissions will continue to be considered for the next additional five SALONS for a total of six SALONS. Once a submission has been considered for six consecutive SALONS, the submission must be re-submitted (with appropriate fee) for additional consideration.

Overall Rating
  • Jeffrey Morin

    Great event. They took good care with my screenplay to have it read by talented actors. Warm and welcoming event from staff to delivery. I encourage any screenwriter to take a chance!

    September 2020