In 2016, Music Malt launched 'Indian Music Video Awards' (IMVA), a bi-monthly music award program to showcase the best music videos from around the globe as well as choosing eight top videos for ❶ Gold (1 medal), ❷ Silver (upto 2 medals) and ❸ Bronze (upto 5 medals) medals.

Powered by Bangalore based music organisation Eastern Fare in association with Purple Trope, IMVA plans to provide a platform to different musical works in independent, non-film as well as popular film music genres by different artists from all over the world. The award function is held every two months. The top 8 videos are shared on our website with a profile on the band/artist as well as the video director. The videos are also shared on the Facebook pages and other social media platforms. The winning music video is provided with a laurel, a certificate, and an attractive gift hamper.

IMVA will give a platform to the upcoming indie as well as established musicians to showcase their music videos to a broader audience. An IMVA nomination itself is a validation of musical quality and only the most outstanding videos are selected for the top positions. IMVA wants to promote the alternative music scene with this award program.

The judges of IMVA mainly look out for music videos that send strong social messages, creative, funky or animated videos with powerful lyrics and music. If you think your video falls in any of these categories, it's the best platform for you to flaunt it.

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Eight top videos will be chosen for ❶ Gold (1 medal), ❷ Silver (upto 2 medals) and ❸ Bronze (upto 5 medals).

• The video can be of a band or solo artist from around the world
• Any genre.
• Year of production of the music video - Jan, 2010 onwards
• Duration - any
• Music video once submitted can’t be withdrawn under any circumstance.
• By submitting music video to the Indian Music Video Awards, musicians/filmmakers/producers/directors take the full responsibility of copyright issues of music, video, lyrics and other creative and technical aspects of the submitted video.
• Videos which are published on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion are accepted for the festival.
• The decision of the Jury/Judges will be final and can’t be challenged.
• Festival organisation reserves the right to disqualify any music video if there is a violation of copyright or on any other grounds without notification.

Any - from indie to rock, jazz to metal, blues to folk.


Each award includes a laurel, certificate and gift hamper.

Any music video from around the world.

Overall Rating
  • Pawel Cichonski

    Still waiting for the soft copy of the certificate of the Special Mention Award. It was promised to be sent to me by e-mail in a few days after the festival and I keep asking about it every few weeks since March and nobody answers me while we really need it (maybe because I can't afford paying 85 USD for the shipping of the original certificate by post).

    May 2017
  • Rita Figueiredo

    The Indian Music Video Awards is a amazing inciative, I wish long live this festival! :)

    March 2017
  • Great awards contest. Communication was easy!!

    March 2017
  • leandro corinto

    I am shooting now, so I couldn't attend to the festival. The festival is very interest, promoting independent music from all around the globe. The communication is very good.

    March 2017
  • Working with this festival was easy. Crossing borders for independent artists is crucial. You have given us recognition and credibility. Thanks to everyone at the Indian Music Video Awards, the Special Mention means a lot to us. Bob and Jean

    March 2017