AWARDS UPDATE (Sep 9, 2019)

In an intensely contested festival with several exceptional films, Chintu Ka Birthday (premiere) and Nagarkirtan clinches the top Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival Boston jury awards.

Best Film - Chintu Ka Birthday
Best Director - Kaushik Ganguly in Nagarkirtan
Best Actor - Riddhi Sen in Nagarkirtan
Best Actress - Namita Lal in Oxygen (premiere)
Technical Excellence Award - Chintu Ka Birthday
Best Actor in Negative Role - Nate Scholz in Chintu Ka Birthday
Best Short Film - The Wallet
Audience Choice for Best Film - Nagarkirtan

Most Progressive Film - Abyakto (premiere)
Best Historical Narrative Award - Sindhustan
Best Suspense Film - Kolkatay Kohinoor (premiere)
Most Contemporary Film - Encrypted (premiere)
Best Unorthodox Roleplay - Nagavishal as Kutty in KD

About the Festival

Caleidoscope of Boston is the largest Indian Film Festival in the New England region of USA, which includes the six states of MA, RI, ME, VT, CT and NH. It is also the only South Asian Film Festival in this area that is recognized by IMDB. Caleidoscope provides a unique platform for upcoming art-house and differentiated films from the Indian sub-continent to be discovered and appreciated by a mainstream global audience. Boston being one of the greatest centers of education and cultural diversity is a perfect home for alternate genre cine lovers to celebrate the achievements of talented Indian filmmakers.

Please note that at this time, we are only accepting short film submissions that are under 20 minutes. We are not accepting any more feature films or documentaries.

While exact prizes differ each year and are more than this list, the festival will have the following minimum awards,along with trophies

Best Film - $500
Best Director - $250
Best Short Film - $125
Best Male Actor - $125
Best Female Actress - $125
Technical Excellence Awards - $250
Audience Choice Best Film - $125

Feature Films (Indian subcontinent and diaspora related only) made or released after 1st January 2018 are eligible for the festival. Please note that all other films, not related directly with either of the following countries - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Sri Lanka - will be rejected.
Submission of films closes on July 31, 2019 though we offer an extended deadline till August 20th, 2019
The Festival is competitive
The Festival will at least have the following awards/prizes. Last year we had more awards - the actual number will depend on various factors and will be finalized just before the event.
Best Film
Best Director
Best Short Film
Best Male Actor
Best Female Actress
Official selection and awards are based on the overall merit of the films and are the sole discretion of the Jury and the programming committee of the Festival.
Jury's decision are final for the award and cannot be challenged.
All films screened on official selection are eligible for the audience choice award. This award based solely on the audience voting at the film screenings.
Producer/Filmmaker can make multiple entries. However, a separate submission and entry fee for each film is required.
Entries to be done by submitting DVD ( with English subtitle ) or through on line ( Vimeo, Youtube ) with protected password, if the submitter wants, but in that case, the submitter is required to mention the URL of the upload in the submission form.
Along with the entry, the following details are to be furnished :
Film Title : Original & English
Running time in minutes
Name of Producer/Production House
Name of Director
Contact number, email id and address of the applicant
No press kit / publicity material required during the entry
Once the film is selected in the official selection, the festival committee will send a confirmation mail to the Producer/Production House/Director and ask them to send 1) The publicity material and 2) The screening copy. The format of these two will be clearly mentioned in the confirmation mail.
Official Selection will be intimated to the applicant one month prior to the festival.
Notification of selected films ( Official selection ) will be announced on festival website and social media platforms. However, the festival authority reserves the right to change show dates, accept or refuse any film without assigning any reason whatsoever.
All promotional materials submitted to the festival committee becomes the property of Caleidoscope for its archive and cannot be returned. However, the final screening copy will be returned back to concerned authority, by 60 days, once the festival is over.
By submitting the film to Caleidoscope, Producer/Director/Submitter takes the whole responsibility of copyright issues of all creative and technical aspect of the film. The submitter accepts the responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied and authorizes Caleidoscope to reproduce and use personal/company's contact information as supplied. The applicant/submitter confirms that he/she has the requisite authority or has obtained the requisite authority from the producer/right holder/concerned authorities to enter, screen and publicize the film at Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival of Boston and make available the final screening copy for the screening at the venue of the festival. Caleidoscope is not responsible/ answerable to any copyright/legal issues relating to the films submitted at the festival.
Any communication from the festival committee will be done by e-mails only.
By submitting film to the film festival Caleidoscope , it is understood that the Producer/ Production House/ Director has read, understood and agreed to the above- mentioned festival rules and guidelines.