Apart from many important endeavours, Thamizh Studio has also established its presence in many other occasional events. After all these attempts too, Thamizh Studio felt that the Independent Filmmaking in Tamil Nadu isn’t getting the pace it warranted. At that instance only, Thamizh Studio conducted the first edition of IFFC in 2018 amidst high odds. Apart from screening six films from six different languages, IFFC 2018 sent down ripples in Tamil Indie film scene through its discussions and award.

Now IFFC is gearing up to conduct its 5th edition in 2024. This year too it will be Live event Film Festival along with Master Classes and awards.

The feature film which is selected by the Jury will be awarded with the ‘Emerald Dove’ along with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. One short film and Documentary each will be given ‘Thamizh Studio’ award along with a cash prize of Rs. 5,000.

The film should not be produced or funded by a corporate or an established Production company. Films which are financed by friends and family of the filmmaker will be accepted. Crowdfunded and films backed by Film-societies also will be accepted.
Films shouldn’t have got a wide theatrical release. Films which have had a limited release through indigenous channels of distribution will be accepted.

There is no minimum or maximum time duration restriction for submission. But if you want your film to be considered for the ‘Short Film Competition’, then your film should be less than 30 minutes. There is no time limit for Documentary films.

Only those films which were selected by the Jury will be screened during IFFC. If your film doesn’t get selected, Thamizh Studio wouldn’t be able to send back your film, and also Thamizh Studio isn’t bound to provide an explanation for your film not to get selected. Jury’s decision is final.

Overall Rating
  • Harish K Rajendran

    Great experience!!! Appreciate IFFC for motivating indie film-makers.

    March 2021